Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA


Notes: By Liz Welter • Marshfield News-Herald • November 4, 2008
Governor awards Marshfield Public Library for genealogy database
By examining newspapers of the 1800s era through the present, volunteers and Marshfield Public Library staff have created an award-winning archive that contains more than 234,000 records of people who live and have lived in the community.

"Old newspapers are full of information, but there isn't an index for them," said Don Schnitzler, an archive volunteer and member of the Marshfield Genealogy Group that first proposed the project to the library in 1982.

"Usually, you need to look at a lot of newspapers to find a piece of information you need," he said. "But this online index of births, marriages and deaths makes family research a lot simpler."

The Governor's Archival Achievement Award was given to Director Lori Belongia Sunday by the state archivist, Peter Gottlieb.

The work of the library and local residents was commended "as a wonderful example of how a community can keep recording its own history in new ways," Gottlieb said Sunday.

"It's a nice honor and recognition to all the people who have worked and volunteered a lot of time to build this local history and genealogy collection," Belongia said.

"It took about 20 years and thousands of volunteer hours to create this database," she said.

The beauty of the database is that it is online, Schnitzler said.

"Anyone from Maine to California can research using their computer. It's easy for us that live in Marshfield to go to the library, but now more and more information is going online for people everywhere to use," he said.

Besides the online components, the award also acknowledged the library's programs that support local genealogy and promote the history of the area.

Two volumes of stories from The Marshfield Community Stories Project have been published.

"The result is a historic document of the people and time that make Marshfield unique," Belongia said.

The archive's Web address is


City/Town : Latitude: 44.66889, Longitude: -90.17167


Matches 1 to 136 of 136

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Shirley Ann   I8381
2 Adamski, John  29 Dec 1913Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I300296
3 Albrecht, James  24 Apr 1927Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I325040
4 Arts, Valeria  2 Jun 1922Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I59628
5 Arts, Vincent   I59626
6 Arts, Virgil   I59627
7 Behringer, Allan George   I8852
8 Bendickson, Karla Kay   I1183
9 Binder, Patricia  21 Aug 1938Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I313110
10 Brock, James M.   I4150
11 Brost, Zarik Andrew   I44715
12 Capuzzi, Damien Thomas   I593
13 Derby, Margaret  10 Dec 1909Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I30956
14 Deveraux, Orton Clifford  2 Apr 1898Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I66446
15 Dexter, Alice  17 May 1909Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I134503
16 Eckes, Nancy   I7931
17 Ellenbecker, Barry Frank  6 Jul 1957Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I103750
18 Ertl, Shari   I88119
19 Fischer, Jack Joseph  16 Nov 1930Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I55871
20 Fischer, Mary Ann  29 Dec 1939Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I55884
21 Fischer, Michael Lee  24 May 1938Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I55874
22 Fischer, William G.  11 Feb 1934Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I55872
23 Fitzpatrick, Valera "Joyce"  25 Dec 1925Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I200061
24 Furstenberg, Betty Evelyn  18 Sep 1924Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316578
25 Furstenberg, Edward  19 Jan 1888Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316583
26 Furstenberg, Edward W.  29 Jan 1930Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316586
27 Furstenberg, Emily  8 Apr 1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316585
28 Furstenberg, James   I308447
29 Furstenberg, Dr. Robert D. Dds.  30 May 1918Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I195016
30 Furstenberg, Ruth  18 Jan 1922Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I308446
31 Goessl, Carl Joseph  1 Aug 1964Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I311295
32 Green, Ronald Charles  2 Jan 1945Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I337804
33 Guckenberger, Evelyn E.  12 May 1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I109348
34 Guleynski, Cassandra   I51358
35 Guleynski, Paul   I51354
36 Guleynski, Timothy   I51355
37 Hansen, Linda L.   I108287
38 Hoersch, Anton  20 Aug 1882Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I98719
39 Hoersch, Engelbert  20 Mar 1890Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I98721
40 Hoersch, John G.  18 Nov 1880Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I78744
41 Hoersch, Joseph  Abt 1878Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I98718
42 Hoersch, Michael  Abt 1875Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I98717
43 Hoersch, Peter  2 Feb 1884Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I98720
44 Hoffmann, Simon Peter  27 Aug 1858Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I36590
45 Huss, Bernadine Ann   I28491
46 Huss, Christopher Randall   I28487
47 Huss, Douglas Darrel   I28489
48 Huss, DuWayne Galen   I28490
49 Huss, Sarah Marie  22 May 1963Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I28488
50 Johnson, Albert Clarence  10 Feb 1895Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158182
51 Johnson, Elaine Aurelia  9 Jul 1916Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158181
52 Kaas, Alesha Rose  4 Jul 1991Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I317627
53 Kempen, Stella M.  15 Apr 1918Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I16158
54 Kemps, Lorraine   I70513
55 Ketterhagen, Katie   I55804
56 Ketterhagen, Kristy   I19563
57 Kille, Arnold  6 Jul 1906Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I82943
58 Kille, Mary  24 Oct 1896Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I82942
59 Kmiec, Ben Jr.   I12594
60 Kmiec, Denise Elizabeth   I59951
61 Kmiec, Michael   I59953
62 Kmiec, Stephanie Ann  4 Nov 1981Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I59950
63 Kmiec, Thomas  26 Nov 1951Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I12596
64 Lamers, Josephine  11 Sep 1900Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I42716
65 LaPointe, Vera  23 Nov 1912Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I322281
66 Leicht, Lillian Elizabeth  20 Dec 1892Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I116536
67 Lesselyong, Rose A.  16 Jun 1892Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158185
68 Lind, Walter J.  25 Dec 1894Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I105013
69 Loock, Michelle   I94089
70 Loock, Ryan   I94090
71 Look, Arthur C.  6 Apr 1901Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I138624
72 Maas, Robert  29 Dec 1916Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I106268
73 Martin, Paula J.   I9312
74 Martin, Peter H.   I9308
75 Marx, Angela Rose "Angie"  13 Jan 1922Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I144910
76 Marx, Eleanor  25 May 1908Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I191474
77 Merkel, Marie  31 Jan 1906Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I125997
78 Merkel, Theodore J.  25 Oct 1905Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I135218
79 Mesun, Logan Robert  20 Sep 2006Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I314487
80 Micke, Clayton James   I145567
81 Micke, Joseph C.  29 Sep 1969Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I42462
82 Micke, Kelly Edward   I12584
83 Micke, Kristina  13 Nov 1949Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I12591
84 Micke, Scott Christopher   I12588
85 Micke, Timothy Allen   I12407
86 Micke, Wendy Suzanne   I12581
87 O'Reilly, Marian   I13635
88 Paschel, Kaye   I59947
89 Pennings, Wilhelmina  14 Sep 1882Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I117715
90 Peters, Benjamin J.   I9316
91 Peters, Catherine R.   I9315
92 Peters, Dawn Clarice   I9341
93 Peters, Ronald Sylvester   I1903
94 Pinion, Hugh James  18 Jan 1908Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I108548
95 Plank, Gertrude Rosabell  9 Mar 1915Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I312277
96 Pritzl, Gerald Francis  25 Jan 1934Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I116267
97 Radeztsky, Julie Ann   I32728
98 Reininger, Alice Ann   I146534
99 Rewey, Wayne Julius  30 Jul 1933Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I345112
100 Roehrborn, Donald   I17510
101 Schaefer, Frank William  27 Jan 1895Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I315986
102 Scheller, Leon E. Sr.  1 Oct 1915Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158180
103 Schiferl, Kathleen   I1197
104 Schmitz, William  7 Sep 1894Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I313142
105 Seubert, Andrew  5 Apr 1891Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I151521
106 Sigl, Richard Joseph  20 May 1914Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I342137
107 Smrelek, Edward   I12267
108 Spalding, John S.  13 Dec 1929Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I170724
109 Sprotsy, Susan  4 Jul 1957Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I309444
110 Sternweis, Kenneth J.   I206711
111 Stoetz, Patricia   I59952
112 Sutton, Thomas Tyler  18 May 1981Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I8806
113 Thissen, Gerald Albert  17 Apr 1929Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I115703
114 VanAsten, Armella "Peggy"  18 Apr 1928Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I84693
115 VanAsten, Gregory  22 Jul 1925Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I104893
116 VanDriel, Lawrence Anton  14 Feb 1915Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I341720
117 Walsh, Jack   I160492
118 Warmka, Bertha  10 Jan 1872Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I139493
119 Weber, Gary Lee   I23502
120 Weiler, Cheryl Ann   I9335
121 Weiler, Dennis James   I42789
122 Weiler, Donald Gerard   I42524
123 Weiler, Gerald Thomas  20 Sep 1964Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I42829
124 Weiler, James Frank  14 Jun 1922Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I43308
125 Weiler, Samantha   I78036
126 Weiler, Thomas Theodore Jr.   I42523
127 Weinert, Herbert Jacob   I42785
128 Weirauch, Clarence  29 Jul 1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I203241
129 Weister, Jeffrey Charles   I312694
130 Weister, Jessica Leigh  27 Oct 1989Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I312695
131 Weister, Katie Leigh   I311153
132 Weister, Taylor Lynn   I311154
133 Wenzel, Kenneth Raymond  25 Aug 1946Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316192
134 Wilcott, Marcella  11 Dec 1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I341721
135 Witt, Maynard   I9291
136 Wittman, Linus   I68747


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Weiler, Gerald Thomas  20 Sep 1964Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I42829
2 Weister, Jessica Leigh  27 Oct 1989Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I312695


Matches 1 to 179 of 179

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adamski, Stanley  19 Apr 1970Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I300295
2 Arens, Christine  26 Mar 1966Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316584
3 Aschenbrenner, Casper  22 Apr 1960Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I173049
4 Baesemann, Helena L. M.  1 Mar 1925Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I315149
5 Bast, Michael  11 Oct 1928Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I108909
6 Berard, Larry  2 Jan 1995Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I104912
7 Binder, Joseph  30 Nov 1975Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I313108
8 Birdsall, Almira  26 Aug 1907Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I124195
9 Brill, Amalie Frances "Mollie"  20 Jun 1955Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I33228
10 Britten, Mary  Abt 1941Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I183948
11 Brock, William  18 Feb 1949Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I126958
12 Brody, Eugene  21 Jun 1963Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I319767
13 Broeren, Theodore John  Abt Oct 1953Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I17117
14 Buckley, William Joseph  26 Oct 1958Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I138952
15 Burt, George Henry  14 Sep 1922Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I124196
16 Calmes, George John  2 Sep 1980Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I103541
17 Cherney, Louis  9 Jan 1979Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I52359
18 Coenraad, Josephine  18 Jan 2012Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I171927
19 Croell, Joannes Wilhelm  10 Oct 1918Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I4935
20 Croell, Sophia M.  10 Jul 1977Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I142251
21 Curtin, James W.  30 Oct 1975Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I166068
22 Daul, Martha  7 Mar 1926Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I36775
23 Derbique, John Arthur  23 Jan 1970Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I52705
24 Diederich, Gertrude Theresia  8 Jan 1897Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I3289
25 Donohue, Patrick Jr.  8 Mar 1888Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I339529
26 Dornfeld, Loretta  19 Dec 1989Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I138479
27 Driessen, David L.  10 Oct 1992Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I134271
28 Eckes, Herbert Joseph  7 Mar 1983Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I138477
29 Eckes, Joseph  6 May 1925Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I40009
30 Eckes, William  23 Dec 1961Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I70808
31 Ewelt, Cecilia  9 Jul 1968Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I52318
32 Federwitz, Heinrich Johann  4 Mar 1903Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I342025
33 Formelker, Louise Dorothea  19 Jul 1892Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I181794
34 Frank, Anna Mary  13 Jul 1962Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I137030
35 Frank, Peter  14 Oct 1897Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I179873
36 Furstenberg, Emily  20 Feb 2002Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316585
37 Furstenberg, Ruth  3 Aug 2011Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I308446
38 Garbisch, Paul  6 May 1995Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I2666
39 Gauger, Betty Lou  5 Mar 1979Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I172098
40 Geldernich, Willard H.  19 Oct 2009Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I166102
41 Gerend, John C.  26 Feb 2006Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I97664
42 Gerritts, Vernon "Shorty"  15 Jul 1972Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I92113
43 Gloudemans, Frank Stephen  6 Dec 1936Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I340780
44 Goessl, Carl Joseph  16 Nov 1966Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I311295
45 Griesbach, Aloysius  26 Sep 1980Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I337450
46 Griesbach, Lorraine  6 Jun 2018Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I337355
47 Grosbeier, Edith  9 Jan 1976Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I165898
48 Gutchow, Augusta  3 Jun 1924Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I104436
49 Hardinger, Anna  11 Nov 1937Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I108959
50 Harrington, Garlon  4 Jan 1966Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I339612
51 Heaney, Anthony  20 Oct 1927Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I159171
52 Heindl, Mathilda Mary  27 Aug 2001Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I117629
53 Heiting, Raymond  8 Mar 2005Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I31598
54 Heiting, William  9 Jan 1970Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I31593
55 Hemmersbach, John  4 Sep 1959Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I52320
56 Hentges, Josephine Joan  17 Aug 1993Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I108957
57 Hietpas, William H.  30 Mar 1988Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I17646
58 Holtzhauser, Gertrude  4 Oct 1909Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I40010
59 Howard, Audrey Mae  25 Nov 1961Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I323228
60 Jahnke, Jack G.  22 May 2008Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316065
61 Jansen, Rosella  24 Jun 1996Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I195278
62 Jochmann, Anthony Wenzel  19 Jun 1987Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I65131
63 Johnson, Albert Clarence  21 Jan 1966Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158182
64 Johnson, Elaine Aurelia  11 Jan 1995Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158181
65 Jonas, Mathias  25 Jan 1925Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I120531
66 Joosten, Warren F.  4 Aug 2009Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I157121
67 Kavanaugh, Marian Patricia  23 Aug 2007Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I51155
68 Kempen, Louis  2 Dec 2000Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I99320
69 Kille, Arnold  21 Jan 1960Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I82943
70 Kille, Francis  23 Aug 1982Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I109061
71 Kille, Otto A.  25 Feb 1981Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I109060
72 Kippenhan, Edwin George  28 Jan 1960Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I74154
73 Klapperich, Mathias  10 May 1910Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I89470
74 Kmiec, Benjamin  9 Feb 1981Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I12593
75 Kmiec, Stephanie Ann  4 Nov 1981Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I59950
76 Kmiec, Thomas  9 Dec 2007Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I12596
77 Knickerbocker, Ida Ellen  17 Mar 1921Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I340773
78 Kolling, William  6 Jun 1986Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I192601
79 Kortz, Liam Joseph  25 Sep 2003Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I315115
80 Krause, Emelia Louisa  1 Aug 1948Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I583
81 Kriplean, John William  7 Jan 1952Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I203113
82 Krommenakker, Philomenia  22 May 1937Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I198351
83 Krueger, Ida  28 Dec 1954Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I172453
84 Kuse, Anna Wilhelmina Louisa  12 Oct 1949Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I186657
85 Laessig, Frank  1 Jun 1946Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I144385
86 Lamm, Genovefa  1 Aug 1904Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I170270
87 Lang, Anna  12 Jul 1937Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I182516
88 Lauer, Margaret Agatha  11 Oct 1965Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I113947
89 Lauer, William Mathias  21 Mar 1959Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I113943
90 Leicht, Lillian Elizabeth  7 Jan 1978Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I116536
91 Leonhard, George Jacob  29 Jan 1952Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I337802
92 Lesselyong, John Henry  25 Sep 1931Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I123824
93 Lesselyong, Rose A.  27 Sep 1974Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158185
94 Lewandowski, Janet  6 Mar 1998Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I11754
95 Lockery, Helen  18 Feb 1992Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I69819
96 Martens, Dorothy Gertrude  2 Feb 1979Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I116333
97 Martzahl, Nancy C.  21 May 2011Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I177215
98 Melbinger, Elizabeth A.  12 Apr 1939Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I116421
99 Mesun, Logan Robert  22 Sep 2006Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I314487
100 Metz, Anna  23 Feb 1968Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I106842
101 Micke, Joseph C.  2 May 2014Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I42462
102 Micke, Mildred  19 Jan 1979Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I12592
103 Miller, Clara  25 Jun 1964Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I203572
104 Mondloch, Raymond  30 Jun 2007Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I175963
105 Motl, Frank J.  12 Jul 1906Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I139494
106 Nabbefeld, Anton  9 Jun 1972Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I100933
107 Nabbefeld, Henry J.  6 Apr 1980Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I11132
108 Ott, Mary K.  27 Nov 1950Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I42930
109 Peters, Cyril Peter  25 Feb 1988Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I800
110 Peters, William  24 Nov 1985Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I1898
111 Pilsner, Joseph Andrew  16 Feb 1934Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I108956
112 Pritzl, Arnold Bernard  9 Apr 1976Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I116411
113 Pritzl, Gerald Francis  17 Aug 1998Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I116267
114 Propson, Donald  29 Mar 2004Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I27024
115 Rammer, Mary Alice  20 Mar 1970Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I344200
116 Rankin, Margaretha  10 Apr 1880Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I345236
117 Regele, Anna Maria  2 Nov 1945Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I195676
118 Reis, Martha  10 Jun 1970Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I103908
119 Rietz, Donald Charles  4 Dec 1978Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I314645
120 Roepcke, Alma Amelia  9 Mar 1993Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I149591
121 Schearier, Clara  11 May 1960Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I183833
122 Scheller, William Theodore  18 Dec 1962Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158184
123 Schilling, Dale H.  20 Jan 1972Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I103421
124 Schmidt, Henrietta Hattie  9 Oct 1963Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I163177
125 Schmidt, Henry J.  22 Jul 1973Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I163175
126 Schommer, Anne  3 Mar 1987Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I68592
127 Schommer, Lambert J.  1 Jun 1988Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I118601
128 Schowalter, Mary  27 May 1931Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I105422
129 Schowalter, Samuel  20 Aug 1894Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I105420
130 Schuh, Annie  17 Oct 1941Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I36778
131 Schuh, Charles  29 Mar 1911Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I36776
132 Schuh, John A.  8 Aug 1922Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I22039
133 Schulte, Alexius John  7 Mar 1957Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I195279
134 Schwalenberg, Elizabeth Maria  4 Feb 1899Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I174062
135 Seefluth, Walter Friedrich  27 Jul 1943Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I342220
136 Seubert, Conrad  16 Dec 1913Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I167004
137 Sigl, Richard Joseph  23 Jul 1988Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I342137
138 Smith, Harry Arnold  14 May 1975Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I152160
139 Smola, Jan  31 Jan 2016Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I13652
140 Steinwagner, Anna  22 Jun 1968Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I163106
141 Strick, William M.  23 Feb 2006Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I102779
142 Tierney, James L.  14 Jun 2009Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I155365
143 VanAsten, Armella "Peggy"  2 May 2007Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I84693
144 VanAsten, Gregory  22 Jul 1925Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I104893
145 VandeHey, David Lawence  18 Nov 1937Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I30958
146 VandeHey, Frank Arlyn  30 Jun 2015Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I27786
147 VandenWyngaard, Leonard  30 Aug 2014Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I187633
148 Vanderwielen, Jill  15 Sep 2014Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I166703
149 VandeVoort, Loretta  25 Dec 1999Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I162283
150 VandeVoort, Mark F.  27 Feb 2002Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I142782
151 VanDriel, Harriet  25 Feb 1991Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I177446
152 Verhoeven, John  27 Jul 1978Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I87077
153 Verkuilen, Catherine  5 Mar 1957Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I140150
154 Verkuilen, Martin J.  23 Aug 1979Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I140148
155 Verkuilen, Thomas John  28 Mar 1946Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I140147
156 Verkuilen, Walter William  21 May 1963Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I65415
157 Wacker, Anton "Tony"  7 Apr 1981Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I52366
158 Wagner, Michael  30 Mar 1941Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I83757
159 Walsh, Chauncey  31 Dec 1983Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I160499
160 Wassenberg, Antoinette  28 Apr 1930Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I101630
161 Weber, Mary  9 Oct 1960Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I144386
162 Weiler, Clementine  24 Dec 1971Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I136477
163 Weiler, Gerald Thomas  20 Sep 1964Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I42829
164 Weinert, Mathilda "Tillie"  8 Oct 1984Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158183
165 Weirauch, Anna  23 Dec 1935Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I104437
166 Weirauch, Charles  5 Nov 1925Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I178325
167 Weirauch, Clarence  23 Apr 2000Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I203241
168 Weister, Jessica Leigh  27 Oct 1989Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I312695
169 Wenzel, Raymond  13 Oct 2007Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316190
170 Weyenberg, Petronella "Nellie"  27 May 1961Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I150133
171 Weyers, Jacob  27 Feb 1924Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I99341
172 Wherritt, George Bernard  2 Oct 1999Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I309593
173 Wieland, Barbara  4 Dec 1924Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I136179
174 Willman, Ferdinand  20 Dec 1984Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I52354
175 Wittman, Anton Albert  7 Feb 1987Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I3091
176 Wonders, Kathryn Cordelia "Kate"  23 Dec 1990Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I119090
177 Wundrow, Henry  30 Jun 1925Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I104430
178 Wunrow, Gustav Carl  6 Mar 1933Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I185236
179 Wyro, Wilhelmine  16 May 1934Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I104434


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Granger, Petronella  Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I134624
2 Leicht, Lillian Elizabeth  Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I116536
3 Pilsner, Jane Francis  Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I131413
4 Pritzl, Arnold Bernard  12 Apr 1976Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I116411
5 VanDommelen, Henrica Maria  Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I78960
6 Verkuilen, George John  Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I78961
7 Weister, Jessica Leigh  Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I312695

1880 Census

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1880 Census    Person ID 
1 Deering, George "Gregor"  1880Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I35607
2 Hoersch, Michael  1880Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I98717

1900 Census

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1900 Census    Person ID 
1 Fitzmaurice, Cecelia  1900Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I170368
2 Martin, John  1900Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I199757
3 Nehs, Reverend Franklin Liebert  1900Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I50930
4 Schaefer, Frank William  1900Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I315986
5 Schaefer, William  1900Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I315987
6 Schavet, Joseph J.  1900Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I320580
7 Schavet, Julius Francis  1900Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I175611

1905 State Census

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1905 State Census    Person ID 
1 Schavet, Julius Francis  1905Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I175611

1910 Census

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1910 Census    Person ID 
1 Driessen, William Johannes  1910Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I117327
2 Federwitz, Theodore  1910Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316909
3 Jacobs, Gertrude  1910Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I119853
4 Kille, Donatus  1910Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I108940
5 Kille, Oscar Carl  1910Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I45292
6 Lesselyong, Rose A.  1910Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158185
7 Schavet, Julius Francis  1910Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I175611

1920 Census

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1920 Census    Person ID 
1 Arts, John  1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I21503
2 Coppes, Anna Mary Elizabeth  1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I178369
3 Harrington, Garlon  1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I339612
4 Kille, Donatus  1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I108940
5 Scheller, Leon E. Sr.  1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158180
6 Schutte, Clyde  1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I178368
7 Schutte, Henry  1920Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I178367

1930 Census

Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1930 Census    Person ID 
1 Albrecht, George A.  1930Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I325039
2 Arts, John  1930Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I21503
3 Furstenberg, Edward  1930Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316583
4 Heinz, Laura Rose  1930Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I179739
5 Leinwander, Theresa  1930Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I170272
6 Marx, John  1930Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I170286
7 Redig, Edward Bernard  1930Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I179740

1940 Census

Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1940 Census    Person ID 
1 Arens, Christine  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316584
2 Binder, Joseph  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I313108
3 Furstenberg, Betty Evelyn  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316578
4 Furstenberg, Edward  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I316583
5 Furstenberg, James   I308447
6 Heiting, William  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I31593
7 Krebsbach, Leona  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I125998
8 Scheller, William Theodore  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I158184
9 Schroeder, August  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I169792
10 Walsh, Chauncey  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I160499
11 Walsh, Geraldine   I160498
12 Willman, Ferdinand  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I52354
13 Wittman, Anton Albert  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I3091
14 Wittman, Jerome   I154737
15 Wittman, Linus   I68747
16 Wonders, Kathryn Cordelia "Kate"  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I119090
17 Zaahn, Mary  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I52362
18 Zorn, Sylvester  1940Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA I172145


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Kraus, Lisa   I151959


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Radeztsky   F10591
2 Bodenheimer / Graff   F205781
3 Eckes / Frank  4 Sep 1900Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F60273
4 Furstenberg / Arens  25 Jun 1919Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F205937
5 Geldernick / Gauger  1 Sep 1945Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F60539
6 Johnson / Weinert  15 Feb 1916Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F52283
7 Kille / Meyer  9 May 1886Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F30488
8 Kmiec / Stoetz   F19721
9 Ott / Juncer   F6332
10 Peters / Weiler   F4158
11 Pilsner / Hentges  Abt Jun 1916Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F35847
12 Pilsner / Kille   F28104
13 Pritzl / Leicht  22 Sep 1916Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F45649
14 Pritzl / Wagner  1 Feb 1931Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F45590
15 Reynolds / Breheim  20 Jun 1917Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F42970
16 Utschig / Nett  30 Jan 1856Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F28848
17 VandeHey / Derby  20 Sep 1932Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F10050
18 Velcheck / O'Reilly   F4997
19 Verkuilen / Dornfeld  14 Oct 1925Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F39346
20 Verkuilen / Thurmer  20 Aug 1916Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F39347
21 Wilde / Annen  4 Jul 1934Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA F28676

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