Family of Juley, Peter & Finnegan, Susan

m. 21 Apr 1867 (F27953)

Family chart 

Juley, Johan NICHOLAS
Male (1806-1854)
Reetz, Anna Catherine
Female (1812-1894)
July, Lucy
Female (1835-1925)
July, Clare Elisa
Female (1841-1900)
Juley, Paul
Male (1844-1924)
July, John
Male (1846-1912)
Juley, Gertrude
Female (1849-1915)
Juley, Mary A. \"Minnie\"
Female (1853-1928)
July, Henry
Male (1854-1859)
Juley, Peter
Male (1839-1924)
Finnegan, Susan
Female (1847-1896)
Juley, Nicholas
Male (1870-1944)
Juley, Matthew James
Male (1872-1942)
Juley, Edward Henry
Male (1874-1920)
Juley, Clara May
Female (1877-1933)
Juley, Rose Caroline
Female (1877-1942)
Juley, Susan May
Female (1881-1944)
Juley, Peter Jacob
Male (1881-1944)
Juley, John Charles
Male (1883-1961)
Juley, Ernest Carl
Male (1885-1926)
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