Bohemia, Germany


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City/Town : Latitude: 51.202, Longitude: 10.3820002777778


Matches 1 to 30 of 30

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barlock, Franziska  Abt Jul 1822Bohemia, Germany I93157 1FamilyTree 
2 Braudl, Theresa  Abt Sep 1856Bohemia, Germany I31357 1FamilyTree 
3 Chadek, Frank  21 Oct 1826Bohemia, Germany I121870 1FamilyTree 
4 Doberanor, Margurite  15 May 1822Bohemia, Germany I121778 1FamilyTree 
5 Doubrava, Anna  Abt Dec 1856Bohemia, Germany I93161 1FamilyTree 
6 Doubrava, Franziska  Abt Feb 1863Bohemia, Germany I93162 1FamilyTree 
7 Doubrava, Johan  Abt Jan 1847Bohemia, Germany I93158 1FamilyTree 
8 Doubrava, Johan Doubrawa or  15 Jul 1815Bohemia, Germany I93156 1FamilyTree 
9 Doubrava, Josef "Joseph"  1 Jun 1859Bohemia, Germany I93150 1FamilyTree 
10 Doubrava, Maria "Mary"  Abt Feb 1853Bohemia, Germany I93159 1FamilyTree 
11 Ebert, Agnes  8 Sep 1860Bohemia, Germany I3527 1FamilyTree 
12 Ertl, Lawrence  Abt Mar 1857Bohemia, Germany I31352 1FamilyTree 
13 Fischer, Katherine  10 Feb 1884Bohemia, Germany I88363 1FamilyTree 
14 Goedtke, Bertha  17 Feb 1859Bohemia, Germany I72409 1FamilyTree 
15 Kneisel, Franz Joseph  15 Nov 1815Bohemia, Germany I137160 1FamilyTree 
16 Kostalevy, Anna  Abt Nov 1866Bohemia, Germany I2872 1FamilyTree 
17 Krumpos, Joseph  16 Oct 1845Bohemia, Germany I310588 1FamilyTree 
18 Laureman, Joseph  Abt Jan 1820Bohemia, Germany I311451 1FamilyTree 
19 Meyer, Joseph  17 Mar 1846Bohemia, Germany I84643 1FamilyTree 
20 Moder, Frank C.  30 Nov 1847Bohemia, Germany I173183 1FamilyTree 
21 Moder, Wenzel  Abt Apr 1814Bohemia, Germany I49699 1FamilyTree 
22 Nushart, Joseph  Bef 1823Bohemia, Germany I143017 1FamilyTree 
23 Nushart, Joseph  Abt 1841Bohemia, Germany I100898 1FamilyTree 
24 Piehl, Magdelena  Abt 1820Bohemia, Germany I141592 1FamilyTree 
25 Prisinger, Mary  21 Jun 1853Bohemia, Germany I84644 1FamilyTree 
26 Rossmeissl, Joseph  19 Jan 1853Bohemia, Germany I79654 1FamilyTree 
27 Tschernach, John  13 Jan 1856Bohemia, Germany I52239 1FamilyTree 
28 Unknown, Mary  13 Jan 1863Bohemia, Germany I78319 1FamilyTree 
29 Walecka, Mary F.  Abt Jun 1826Bohemia, Germany I121871 1FamilyTree 
30 Wondrash, Mary  10 Nov 1869Bohemia, Germany I39517 1FamilyTree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Ertl / Braudl  Abt 1879Bohemia, Germany F10203 1FamilyTree 
2 Stefl / Kadlec  Aft 1840Bohemia, Germany F203999 1FamilyTree 
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