Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA


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City/Town : Latitude: 44.3126827777778, Longitude: -88.0961351388889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bacon, Daniel   I96064 1FamilyTree 
2 Baetz, Clarence Oscar  29 Sep 1896Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I194586 1FamilyTree 
3 Baetz, Sheldon Philander  9 Apr 1898Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I194584 1FamilyTree 
4 Baum, Rose  7 Apr 1885Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I124396 1FamilyTree 
5 Blindauer, Katherine  6 Sep 1865Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I22053 1FamilyTree 
6 Blindauer, Magdalena "Lena" Mary  14 Mar 1875Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I21599 1FamilyTree 
7 Blindauer, Matthias  15 Apr 1864Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I5696 1FamilyTree 
8 Blindauer, William  20 Jun 1867Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I21609 1FamilyTree 
9 Blindauer, William Elmer  4 Aug 1904Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I22304 1FamilyTree 
10 Boylan, Florence  25 Aug 1925Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I30179 1FamilyTree 
11 Brick, Albert   I34194 1FamilyTree 
12 Brick, Carol   I34196 1FamilyTree 
13 Brick, David  25 May 1944Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I190512 1FamilyTree 
14 Brick, Frances   I34195 1FamilyTree 
15 Brick, Jennie   I34197 1FamilyTree 
16 Brick, Martin R.   I6996 1FamilyTree 
17 Brick, Matthew R.   I6995 1FamilyTree 
18 Brick, Michelle A.   I6997 1FamilyTree 
19 Brick, Richard   I34198 1FamilyTree 
20 Brick, Timothy J.   I6998 1FamilyTree 
21 Brittnacher, Clifford A.  1 May 1923Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I132633 1FamilyTree 
22 Brittnacher, Francis Mathew  20 Nov 1892Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I28872 1FamilyTree 
23 Brittnacher, John  13 Sep 1886Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I128071 1FamilyTree 
24 Brittnacher, Joseph  5 Apr 1892Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I140780 1FamilyTree 
25 Brittnacher, Magdelena "Lena"  18 Feb 1891Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I140802 1FamilyTree 
26 Brittnacher, Raymond J.  5 Jul 1920Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I135177 1FamilyTree 
27 Broeren, Eileen Harriet  3 Mar 1929Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I97276 1FamilyTree 
28 Bruecker, Richard G.   I6227 1FamilyTree 
29 Buechler, Richard A.  15 Dec 1908Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I137450 1FamilyTree 
30 Calmes, Frank  30 Jul 1850Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I139944 1FamilyTree 
31 Campbell, John Thomas  9 Feb 1887Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107467 1FamilyTree 
32 Chambers, Nathan Leroy  20 Sep 1873Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I307343 1FamilyTree 
33 Chambers, William Harold  27 Jul 1889Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I307346 1FamilyTree 
34 Clark, Charles Laverne  25 Nov 1890Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176499 1FamilyTree 
35 Clark, Charles Osro II  25 Nov 1880Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176497 1FamilyTree 
36 Clark, Emma V.  Abt Oct 1875Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176483 1FamilyTree 
37 Clark, Florian L.  Abt Apr 1868Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176481 1FamilyTree 
38 Clark, Hattie E.  Abt Apr 1883Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176485 1FamilyTree 
39 Clark, John Myron  21 Mar 1871Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176482 1FamilyTree 
40 Clark, Leland  2 Sep 1899Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I168990 1FamilyTree 
41 Clark, Leland L.  13 Jul 1925Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176792 1FamilyTree 
42 Clark, Lucius L.  13 Apr 1870Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176796 1FamilyTree 
43 Clark, Patrick  5 May 1928Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I156460 1FamilyTree 
44 Clark, Reinette H.  Abt Aug 1886Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176486 1FamilyTree 
45 Clark, Samuel Day  28 Apr 1879Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176484 1FamilyTree 
46 Clune, Mary Natalie  13 Nov 1911Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176028 1FamilyTree 
47 Coniff, Willard  30 Nov 1917Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I161903 1FamilyTree 
48 Crevecouer, Maria Therese  Abt 1838Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I150575 1FamilyTree 
49 DeCleene, Sister Cheryl Ethel Mae  20 Apr 1935Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160187 1FamilyTree 
50 Diny, Anna T.  16 Oct 1893Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I164323 1FamilyTree 
51 Diny, Joseph  12 Dec 1931Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I170320 1FamilyTree 
52 Diny, Marcella A.  14 Feb 1922Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I15599 1FamilyTree 
53 Diny, Michael  20 Jun 1926Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I164321 1FamilyTree 
54 Diny, Peter N.  7 Aug 1885Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I105876 1FamilyTree 
55 Diny, Robert  8 Oct 1930Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I170319 1FamilyTree 
56 Dix, Oscar  31 Oct 1887Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I37556 1FamilyTree 
57 Dix, William Louis  23 Sep 1883Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I140926 1FamilyTree 
58 Ellis, Harold Thomas  2 Feb 1889Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176490 1FamilyTree 
59 Ellis, Kenneth  25 Nov 1906Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176520 1FamilyTree 
60 Ellis, Marvin B.  17 Dec 1903Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I120997 1FamilyTree 
61 Etten, Dolores  17 Jul 1918Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I98083 1FamilyTree 
62 Etten, Earl  17 Aug 1916Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I98090 1FamilyTree 
63 Etten, Grace  9 Oct 1914Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I98088 1FamilyTree 
64 Etten, Marvin P.  10 Apr 1920Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I98091 1FamilyTree 
65 Etten, Pearl  17 Aug 1916Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I98089 1FamilyTree 
66 Fenton, Lydia  3 Sep 1889Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160429 1FamilyTree 
67 Fenton, Vivette  7 Aug 1884Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176477 1FamilyTree 
68 Finnerty, James Clifford  19 Dec 1921Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I118496 1FamilyTree 
69 Flynn, Edward  19 Sep 1894Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I395 1FamilyTree 
70 Freeman, Delia Mary  18 Dec 1902Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I129555 1FamilyTree 
71 Fritsch, George  14 Apr 1916Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I158405 1FamilyTree 
72 Gilson, Donald Merton  25 Oct 1912Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160430 1FamilyTree 
73 Gilson, Douglas Edward  4 May 1918Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I140816 1FamilyTree 
74 Gilson, Graton  5 Jan 1911Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I170344 1FamilyTree 
75 Gilson, Harry Merton  15 Mar 1888Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160428 1FamilyTree 
76 Gilson, Percy  23 Nov 1914Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160431 1FamilyTree 
77 Gilson, Virginia  1 Feb 1917Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160432 1FamilyTree 
78 Gonnering, Diane   I88980 1FamilyTree 
79 Gonnering, Jean   I88978 1FamilyTree 
80 Gonnering, Mary   I88981 1FamilyTree 
81 Gonnering, Michael   I88982 1FamilyTree 
82 Gonnering, Ruth   I88979 1FamilyTree 
83 Gustman, Alvina  29 May 1912Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I59283 1FamilyTree 
84 Haen, Cecelia D.  19 Jun 1912Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I102512 1FamilyTree 
85 Haen, Francis J.  27 Dec 1907Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I142308 1FamilyTree 
86 Haen, Gertrude M.  4 Feb 1911Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I162024 1FamilyTree 
87 Haen, Peter A.  22 Jan 1909Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I137724 1FamilyTree 
88 Hagany, Arthur  10 Dec 1897Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I188265 1FamilyTree 
89 Hagany, Clarence  7 Mar 1906Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I188273 1FamilyTree 
90 Hagany, Donald John  19 Feb 1894Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I188266 1FamilyTree 
91 Hagany, George Lawrence  1 Apr 1900Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I188271 1FamilyTree 
92 Hagany, Mabel  9 May 1903Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I132504 1FamilyTree 
93 Hagany, Norbert Theodore  17 Jul 1912Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I188269 1FamilyTree 
94 Hanaway, Margaret  3 Mar 1903Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I44513 1FamilyTree 
95 Heimerl, Antone  7 Apr 1907Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I92922 1FamilyTree 
96 Heimerl, Jane  3 Mar 1936Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I343269 1FamilyTree 
97 Hein, Clara  26 Jun 1880Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I29268 1FamilyTree 
98 Hendricks, Lucille Marie  17 Jan 1933Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I146185 1FamilyTree 
99 Herman, Beulah  1 May 1901Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I138706 1FamilyTree 
100 Howk, Caroline  26 Oct 1871Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I187068 1FamilyTree 
101 Huss, Eugene   I14477 1FamilyTree 
102 Kabat, Cecilia  23 Oct 1912Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I13820 1FamilyTree 
103 Kane, Anastasia  25 Jul 1886Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I37476 1FamilyTree 
104 Kerkhoff, Helen  23 Sep 1910Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I82730 1FamilyTree 
105 Kersten, Catherine Marie   I92582 1FamilyTree 
106 Kersten, David   I93921 1FamilyTree 
107 Kersten, Doris Mae   I18122 1FamilyTree 
108 Kersten, Irene  8 Jul 1946Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I89947 1FamilyTree 
109 Kersten, Joseph Francis   I93900 1FamilyTree 
110 Kersten, Linda Mary   I71852 1FamilyTree 
111 Kersten, Lou Ann   I93920 1FamilyTree 
112 Kersten, Mary Lou   I93912 1FamilyTree 
113 Kersten, Rita Jane   I92583 1FamilyTree 
114 Klister, Sylvester J.  29 Sep 1902Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I132785 1FamilyTree 
115 Kobs, Frank  30 Mar 1878Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I159130 1FamilyTree 
116 Kobs, Mathilda  14 Jun 1881Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I121360 1FamilyTree 
117 Krueger, Laverne R.  3 Jan 1928Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160109 1FamilyTree 
118 Krueger, Lorraine  29 Feb 1920Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160112 1FamilyTree 
119 Leick, Evelyn K.  29 Mar 1906Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I141269 1FamilyTree 
120 Leick, Michael J.  Abt 1870Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I169043 1FamilyTree 
121 Leonhard, Anton  13 Jun 1889Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I341575 1FamilyTree 
122 Leonhard, Edward  24 May 1892Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I191896 1FamilyTree 
123 Lewins, Irene  6 Jul 1913Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I202633 1FamilyTree 
124 Liebergen, Kelly Marie   I44240 1FamilyTree 
125 Liebergen, Kimberly Rose   I44239 1FamilyTree 
126 Loehlein, Mary Magdeline  16 Jun 1857Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I174415 1FamilyTree 
127 Lucas, Mary  Abt 1871Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I117832 1FamilyTree 
128 Manders, Ambrose  14 Sep 1924Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I97989 1FamilyTree 
129 Martens, Catherine C.  6 Apr 1888Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I116395 1FamilyTree 
130 Martin, Catherine  24 Apr 1874Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I22056 1FamilyTree 
131 Martin, Hattie  10 Feb 1910Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I201387 1FamilyTree 
132 Martin, Iva Agnes  19 Apr 1907Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I201388 1FamilyTree 
133 Martin, Leon John  27 Feb 1916Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107470 1FamilyTree 
134 Martin, Leonard  11 Dec 1886Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I174418 1FamilyTree 
135 Martin, Rosalind  28 Sep 1911Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I201386 1FamilyTree 
136 Martin, William  10 Jul 1915Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I201385 1FamilyTree 
137 McClure, Seward  21 May 1898Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I199967 1FamilyTree 
138 Nienhaus, Agnes  10 Nov 1918Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107958 1FamilyTree 
139 Nienhaus, Albert "Al"  26 Sep 1919Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107924 1FamilyTree 
140 Nienhaus, Arnold James  25 Jan 1915Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I118115 1FamilyTree 
141 Nienhaus, Bernice   I107951 1FamilyTree 
142 Nienhaus, Dorothy E.  5 Nov 1921Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107955 1FamilyTree 
143 Nienhaus, Ellsworth J.  Abt 1922Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107956 1FamilyTree 
144 Nienhaus, Florence   I107950 1FamilyTree 
145 Nienhaus, Henry Emil  2 Nov 1929Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107961 1FamilyTree 
146 Nienhaus, Henry J.  8 Sep 1889Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I66097 1FamilyTree 
147 Nienhaus, Magdelena  12 Aug 1887Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I66096 1FamilyTree 
148 Nienhaus, Norbert J.  6 Sep 1928Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107957 1FamilyTree 
149 Nienhaus, Ralph A.   I107946 1FamilyTree 
150 Nienhaus, Rosemary   I107948 1FamilyTree 
151 Nienhaus, Thomas W.  12 Dec 1936Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I118114 1FamilyTree 
152 Nilles, Edward J.  19 Mar 1900Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I343480 1FamilyTree 
153 Normile, Mary  31 Oct 1871Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I173251 1FamilyTree 
154 Pagel, Harvey William  23 Nov 1909Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I149180 1FamilyTree 
155 Pagel, William  30 Apr 1879Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I162025 1FamilyTree 
156 Patterson, David  7 Sep 1907Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160771 1FamilyTree 
157 Peters, Allen  6 Jul 1932Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I60756 1FamilyTree 
158 Peters, Carl J.  11 Jul 1926Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I161620 1FamilyTree 
159 Peters, Dorothy  21 Jun 1929Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I161615 1FamilyTree 
160 Peters, John  20 Nov 1934Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I60765 1FamilyTree 
161 Petrie, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1898Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107926 1FamilyTree 
162 Phillips, Dorothy  15 Mar 1922Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I335975 1FamilyTree 
163 Pitsch, Gladys  4 Dec 1920Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I104073 1FamilyTree 
164 Pitsch, Loretta Marie  19 Feb 1922Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I104068 1FamilyTree 
165 Pritzl, Esther  Abt 1916Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I116394 1FamilyTree 
166 Pritzl, Ewald Michael  29 Mar 1912Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I116397 1FamilyTree 
167 Pritzl, Lillian Margaret  6 Dec 1914Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I141382 1FamilyTree 
168 Prust, Jewell E.  4 Sep 1916Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176492 1FamilyTree 
169 Runnoe, Lois  22 Dec 1930Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I119021 1FamilyTree 
170 Runnoe, Rita Agnes  27 Aug 1920Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I69793 1FamilyTree 
171 Runnoe, Veronica  5 Oct 1916Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I62812 1FamilyTree 
172 Russell, Serena Celia  13 Dec 1870Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176808 1FamilyTree 
173 Sairs, J. Russell  19 Apr 1894Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176806 1FamilyTree 
174 Sairs, Opal L.  Abt 1892Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176807 1FamilyTree 
175 Schaueble, Ruth  16 Jul 1918Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I143589 1FamilyTree 
176 Schmelter, Robert  27 Sep 1935Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I44908 1FamilyTree 
177 Smet, Mary Jane   I44172 1FamilyTree 
178 Smits, Leona  2 Aug 1925Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I100393 1FamilyTree 
179 Strenn, Eleanor Theresa  21 Dec 1914Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I141724 1FamilyTree 
180 Summers, Blanche  30 Aug 1923Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I113875 1FamilyTree 
181 Titel, Russell  27 Apr 1936Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160177 1FamilyTree 
182 VanDensen, Cecilia H.  20 Jun 1909Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I30072 1FamilyTree 
183 VanDensen, Leona M.  14 Feb 1917Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I30075 1FamilyTree 
184 VanDenzen, Roselle  13 Jan 1914Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I30074 1FamilyTree 
185 VandeVoort, Leonada Rosella  30 Jun 1910Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I119881 1FamilyTree 
186 VandeVoort, Robert H.  5 Jun 1914Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I144470 1FamilyTree 
187 VanEperen, Gerald  9 Aug 1932Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I13908 1FamilyTree 
188 VanLanen, Beverly M.   I8280 1FamilyTree 
189 VanLanen, Diane G.   I8283 1FamilyTree 
190 VanLanen, Judith M.   I8290 1FamilyTree 
191 VanLanen, Mary Jo  1 Aug 1954Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I8282 1FamilyTree 
192 Verbeten, Kathryn  15 Jun 1946Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I44992 1FamilyTree 
193 Vondracek, Alfred J.  9 Oct 1923Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I191659 1FamilyTree 
194 Wierschke, Viola  30 Oct 1912Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I341261 1FamilyTree 
195 Wilharms, William A. E.  12 Nov 1888Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I300093 1FamilyTree 
196 Winn, Eugene A. "Gene"  26 Dec 1915Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I146575 1FamilyTree 
197 Wuerger, Viola  31 Jul 1898Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I319489 1FamilyTree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aerts, Alfred  5 Jul 1985Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I139380 1FamilyTree 
2 Aerts, Anna  6 Dec 1964Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I143314 1FamilyTree 
3 Agen, Robert  25 Sep 2010Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I77286 1FamilyTree 
4 Arnoldussen, Arlene  1 May 2011Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I34023 1FamilyTree 
5 Baeten, Frederick A.  31 Aug 1953Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I83337 1FamilyTree 
6 Baeten, Jacobina Catherine  13 Jun 1968Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I141185 1FamilyTree 
7 Baine, Viola  21 Jan 1968Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I127927 1FamilyTree 
8 Benzschawel, Bernice  16 Aug 2013Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I102520 1FamilyTree 
9 Benzschawel, Richard  5 Jul 1988Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I133179 1FamilyTree 
10 Beyer, Lloyd  31 Jan 1995Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I345633 1FamilyTree 
11 Blaese, Gerald  28 Jul 2012Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I322947 1FamilyTree 
12 Blindauer, William Elmer  14 Sep 1904Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I22304 1FamilyTree 
13 Bloedorn, Albert Herman  21 Aug 1950Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I148512 1FamilyTree 
14 Borchardt, Meinhard "Meinie" C.  18 Dec 2010Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I320159 1FamilyTree 
15 Boyea, Thomas "Tom"  21 Dec 2015Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I203142 1FamilyTree 
16 Boylan, James E.  24 Dec 2012Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I71049 1FamilyTree 
17 Brandt, Harold  12 Mar 1989Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I168875 1FamilyTree 
18 Brewster, Almira  20 Apr 1916Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I195690 1FamilyTree 
19 Brice, John  16 Aug 2011Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I72201 1FamilyTree 
20 Brick, Carl  22 Nov 2001Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I51092 1FamilyTree 
21 Brick, John Clement  31 Aug 1985Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I34182 1FamilyTree 
22 Brick, Rodger  Abt 1968Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I321347 1FamilyTree 
23 Brittnacher, Agnes Anna  7 Mar 1923Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I92287 1FamilyTree 
24 Brittnacher, Clara M.  11 Jul 1911Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I92284 1FamilyTree 
25 Brittnacher, Clifford A.  31 Oct 1999Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I132633 1FamilyTree 
26 Brittnacher, Jacob  6 Aug 1939Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I92281 1FamilyTree 
27 Brittnacher, Jacob J.  Abt 1958Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I92283 1FamilyTree 
28 Brittnacher, John  16 Oct 1936Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I102484 1FamilyTree 
29 Brittnacher, Nicholas J.  13 May 1977Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I102486 1FamilyTree 
30 Campbell, John Robert  2 Apr 1992Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107468 1FamilyTree 
31 Campbell, John Thomas  20 Aug 1981Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107467 1FamilyTree 
32 Clancy, Emmet  22 Apr 1973Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I127926 1FamilyTree 
33 Clancy, Helen  21 Aug 1989Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I127903 1FamilyTree 
34 Clark, Almeron F.  26 Apr 1903Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176798 1FamilyTree 
35 Clark, Effie  1 Feb 1934Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160434 1FamilyTree 
36 Clark, Florian L.  Abt 1911Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176481 1FamilyTree 
37 Clark, Leland  24 May 1938Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I168990 1FamilyTree 
38 Clark, Lucius L.  28 Jun 1956Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176796 1FamilyTree 
39 Clark, Roger H.  9 Nov 1992Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I175798 1FamilyTree 
40 Coenen, Gerald "Jerry"  28 Aug 2014Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I23163 1FamilyTree 
41 Colwell, Michael  22 Jul 1988Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I317339 1FamilyTree 
42 Debroux, Sandra  24 May 2007Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I116962 1FamilyTree 
43 DeCleene, Bernard  27 Mar 2012Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I322641 1FamilyTree 
44 DeCleene, Ellsworth "Al"  22 Jul 1995Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I49534 1FamilyTree 
45 DeCleene, Howard Lawrence  8 Jul 1991Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I14749 1FamilyTree 
46 DeCleene, Nathan Patrick  21 Dec 2002Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I14781 1FamilyTree 
47 Dickinson, John  Abt 1890Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I329771 1FamilyTree 
48 Dietzen, Margaret  28 May 2008Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I79916 1FamilyTree 
49 Diny, Anna T.  18 Oct 1983Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I164323 1FamilyTree 
50 Diny, Florence Ann  20 Oct 1984Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I55609 1FamilyTree 
51 Diny, Frank N.  25 Dec 1970Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I105879 1FamilyTree 
52 Diny, Leo Donald  19 Jul 1987Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I123623 1FamilyTree 
53 Diny, Martin  19 Nov 1980Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I123620 1FamilyTree 
54 Diny, Michael  Abt 1917Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I164316 1FamilyTree 
55 Dunham, Caroline Howard  3 Jan 1928Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176761 1FamilyTree 
56 Eichmeier, Elmer "Bud"  5 Jul 1982Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I117037 1FamilyTree 
57 Ellis, George Wesley  21 Dec 1950Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176488 1FamilyTree 
58 Ellis, John  Abt 1887Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I202594 1FamilyTree 
59 Ellis, Mary  2 Oct 1912Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176797 1FamilyTree 
60 Etten, Louis J.  16 Aug 1929Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I98084 1FamilyTree 
61 Etten, Paul J.  26 Feb 1955Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I98113 1FamilyTree 
62 Farrell, Arleen  1 Nov 2009Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I156592 1FamilyTree 
63 Fenton, Amber  8 Sep 1883Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176474 1FamilyTree 
64 Fenton, Arthur  23 Aug 1892Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176475 1FamilyTree 
65 Fenton, O'Gilvie  8 Jul 1898Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176759 1FamilyTree 
66 Fenton, Renetta Anna  15 Apr 1948Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176487 1FamilyTree 
67 Fiel, William  30 Aug 1956Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I202150 1FamilyTree 
68 Fink, Sylvester J.  5 Jan 1980Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I35274 1FamilyTree 
69 Flynn, Michael James  7 Aug 1970Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I13862 1FamilyTree 
70 Forstner, Joann  7 Mar 2001Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I140659 1FamilyTree 
71 Fritsch, Michael  27 Sep 2016Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I336804 1FamilyTree 
72 Gerondale, John J.  11 Jun 1978Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I141184 1FamilyTree 
73 Gerrits, E. Budd  4 Dec 2010Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I172204 1FamilyTree 
74 Gerrits, Edward  26 Sep 1974Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I109466 1FamilyTree 
75 Gerrits, Florence  9 Dec 1992Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I109469 1FamilyTree 
76 Gilbert, Myrtle  3 Nov 1974Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I140790 1FamilyTree 
77 Gilson, Adelia  25 Dec 1877Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176820 1FamilyTree 
78 Gilson, Ansel  16 Oct 1919Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160433 1FamilyTree 
79 Gilson, Donald Merton  2 Nov 1981Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160430 1FamilyTree 
80 Gilson, Graton  17 Dec 1911Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I170344 1FamilyTree 
81 Gilson, Henry  15 Feb 1884Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176822 1FamilyTree 
82 Gilson, Mary  21 Jun 1921Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176819 1FamilyTree 
83 Gilson, Percy  4 Apr 1977Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160431 1FamilyTree 
84 Gilson, Thomas  10 Mar 2009Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I323192 1FamilyTree 
85 Gonnering, Raymond J.  13 May 2005Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I51413 1FamilyTree 
86 Gonnering, Valentine  30 Jul 1954Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I79091 1FamilyTree 
87 Gustman, Clifton Judson  31 Aug 1963Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I178002 1FamilyTree 
88 Haen, Francis J.  16 Apr 1988Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I142308 1FamilyTree 
89 Haen, Matthias or Matthew  7 Apr 1899Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I40323 1FamilyTree 
90 Haen, Peter A.  26 Dec 1995Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I137724 1FamilyTree 
91 Haese, Robert  1 Feb 1966Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I184400 1FamilyTree 
92 Hauser, Elsie  13 Sep 1972Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I67613 1FamilyTree 
93 Hearden, Sarah Ellen  31 Aug 2010Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I195732 1FamilyTree 
94 Hein, Elizabeth  2 Nov 1928Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I29271 1FamilyTree 
95 Hein, Frances  Abt Sep 1947Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I171711 1FamilyTree 
96 Hein, Margaret  8 May 1925Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I29262 1FamilyTree 
97 Hein, Mary  28 Nov 1941Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I29263 1FamilyTree 
98 Hein, Mary Margaret  28 Nov 1941Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I101515 1FamilyTree 
99 Hein, Rose  19 Aug 1912Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I29273 1FamilyTree 
100 Heinrich, Paul R.  2 Feb 2018Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I344038 1FamilyTree 
101 Hermans, Theresa  2 Jan 1997Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I141211 1FamilyTree 
102 Herzberger, Margaretha  3 Oct 1881Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I156093 1FamilyTree 
103 Hockers, Helen  13 Oct 2017Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I92880 1FamilyTree 
104 Hockers, Joseph  6 Apr 2015Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I197738 1FamilyTree 
105 Hutjens, Annice B.  6 Dec 2017Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I343450 1FamilyTree 
106 Hutjens, Barbara Ann  7 Sep 2006Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I131929 1FamilyTree 
107 Ingels, Amy  21 Jun 1920Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I199975 1FamilyTree 
108 Jacobs, Jacobina "Bina"  8 Oct 1986Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I56886 1FamilyTree 
109 Janssen, Anna  9 Mar 1998Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I131367 1FamilyTree 
110 Jenkins, Lavilla  Abt 1926Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I181737 1FamilyTree 
111 Johns, Herbert R.  29 Jun 1993Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I168510 1FamilyTree 
112 Johns, Herman T.  7 Oct 1975Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I168887 1FamilyTree 
113 Kabat, Ludmila "Milly"  16 Jul 1973Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I49535 1FamilyTree 
114 Kabat, Stanley  29 Dec 2007Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I130929 1FamilyTree 
115 Kamke, Norma  3 Oct 1989Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I115726 1FamilyTree 
116 Kane, Margaret  15 Dec 1969Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I124627 1FamilyTree 
117 Kersten, Norbert Peter  29 May 1999Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I55608 1FamilyTree 
118 Kiley, Clarence William  4 Aug 1996Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I169009 1FamilyTree 
119 Kussow, Florence  17 Aug 2012Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I323009 1FamilyTree 
120 Lamers, Evelyn Catherine  17 Oct 1960Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I88460 1FamilyTree 
121 LeCloux, Irene Celia  16 Aug 1989Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176367 1FamilyTree 
122 Leick, Jacob  4 Apr 1904Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I179996 1FamilyTree 
123 Leick, Mary Ellen  5 Oct 2009Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I195657 1FamilyTree 
124 Lemke, Kurt H.  26 Mar 1973Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I333690 1FamilyTree 
125 Lennon, Neil  15 Jun 2010Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I6462 1FamilyTree 
126 Leonhard, Edward  6 Jul 1965Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I191896 1FamilyTree 
127 Leonhard, Johannes  4 Jul 1890Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I200890 1FamilyTree 
128 Leonhard, Theresia  3 Feb 1954Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I71177 1FamilyTree 
129 Liebergen, Henry  1 Mar 1978Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I30102 1FamilyTree 
130 Liebergen, Omar  18 Feb 1992Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I22845 1FamilyTree 
131 Loehlein, Mary Magdeline  22 Mar 1915Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I174415 1FamilyTree 
132 Lucas, Peter  25 Jun 1899Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I118013 1FamilyTree 
133 Martin, Catherine  26 Dec 1906Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I22056 1FamilyTree 
134 Martin, John Charles  1 Feb 1926Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I174416 1FamilyTree 
135 Martin, Leon John  4 Apr 1990Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107470 1FamilyTree 
136 Martin, Robert J.  3 Jun 2004Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I119325 1FamilyTree 
137 McClure, Frank  Abt Apr 1929Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I199973 1FamilyTree 
138 McClure, George  4 Feb 1908Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I199976 1FamilyTree 
139 McClure, Seward  7 Oct 1969Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I199967 1FamilyTree 
140 McGrath, Thomas  Abt 1942Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I115810 1FamilyTree 
141 Meyer, Robert Christian Sr.  27 Mar 1997Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I134997 1FamilyTree 
142 Meyer, Robert Edward  29 Oct 2013Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I5570 1FamilyTree 
143 Millar, Frances  5 May 1952Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I179801 1FamilyTree 
144 Miller, Robert George  17 Dec 1983Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I202919 1FamilyTree 
145 Moore, Marion  21 Nov 1998Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I2982 1FamilyTree 
146 Neuman, Edward  21 Feb 1987Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I173002 1FamilyTree 
147 Nienhaus, Henry J.  27 May 1966Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I66097 1FamilyTree 
148 Nies, Dennis  9 Oct 2008Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I315728 1FamilyTree 
149 Nies, Mabel Veronica  15 Jan 1987Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I107466 1FamilyTree 
150 Nies, Raymond  8 Apr 1974Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I71180 1FamilyTree 
151 O'Neil, Michael  11 Jul 2003Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I56346 1FamilyTree 
152 Pahl, Darrel  26 Mar 2017Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I339809 1FamilyTree 
153 Peterson, Rudolph  5 Apr 1971Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I203645 1FamilyTree 
154 Petrie, Angela  11 Mar 1877Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I120475 1FamilyTree 
155 Pflueger, Alfred  13 Feb 2011Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I103680 1FamilyTree 
156 Pleshek, Jerry Daniel  3 Apr 2011Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I86002 1FamilyTree 
157 Pritzl, Esther  Bef 1981Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I116394 1FamilyTree 
158 Prust, Helmerth Fredrick  Abt 1924Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176491 1FamilyTree 
159 Rehfeldt, Arlene  27 Aug 2013Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I114626 1FamilyTree 
160 Reinke, Caroline  6 Dec 1956Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I195966 1FamilyTree 
161 Remmel, Margaret  14 Feb 1921Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I6111 1FamilyTree 
162 Retzlaff, Emilie  28 May 1937Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I183204 1FamilyTree 
163 Reynders, Jacob  9 Nov 1990Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I141231 1FamilyTree 
164 Rotzenberg, Thomas Andrew  23 Dec 1993Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I156326 1FamilyTree 
165 Runnoe, Herbert J.  7 Jun 1981Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I120385 1FamilyTree 
166 Russell, Ruel  25 Mar 1916Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176809 1FamilyTree 
167 Schabel, Kunigunda  Abt 1925Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I162017 1FamilyTree 
168 Schack, Catherine  11 Mar 1929Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I102485 1FamilyTree 
169 Schaeuble, Roland  8 Jan 1986Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I137320 1FamilyTree 
170 Schendel, Edward  16 Mar 1982Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I77283 1FamilyTree 
171 Schinke, Grace  13 Jan 1978Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I186425 1FamilyTree 
172 Schley, Oscar  30 Nov 1979Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I324458 1FamilyTree 
173 Schmechel, Ida E.  10 Nov 1963Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I194375 1FamilyTree 
174 Schmitt, Frank  8 May 1979Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I133572 1FamilyTree 
175 Schneider, Verna I.  23 Feb 2016Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I336438 1FamilyTree 
176 Schommer, Nicholas  7 Jun 1890Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I156112 1FamilyTree 
177 Seiltz, Charles Herman "Carl"  Abt 1956Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I344676 1FamilyTree 
178 Shaughnessy, Ella  23 Nov 1966Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I191897 1FamilyTree 
179 Sims, Polly  30 Jul 1891Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I342778 1FamilyTree 
180 Staeven, John H.  Abt 1957Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I194374 1FamilyTree 
181 Strenn, Martha Margaret  31 Jan 1978Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I174421 1FamilyTree 
182 Summers, Michael  21 Jun 1891Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I17091 1FamilyTree 
183 Tennessen, Paul Andrew  30 Dec 1980Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I5575 1FamilyTree 
184 Thiele, Barbara  9 Jan 2014Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I156095 1FamilyTree 
185 Thomas, Margaretha  13 Mar 1910Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I63714 1FamilyTree 
186 Tilkens, Ida E.  2 Apr 1988Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I88977 1FamilyTree 
187 Tyler, Maria  17 Jul 1876Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I169569 1FamilyTree 
188 Tyler, Rosina  Aft 1910Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I200691 1FamilyTree 
189 VandeHey, Howard H.  12 Feb 1984Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I30169 1FamilyTree 
190 VandeHey, Martha  27 Nov 1976Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I30091 1FamilyTree 
191 VandeHey, Unknown  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I8969 1FamilyTree 
192 VandenBoogart, James  24 Nov 2017Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I27427 1FamilyTree 
193 VandenHeuvel, James A.  2 Jul 2012Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I41043 1FamilyTree 
194 VanderLinden, Gerald P.  18 Jul 2004Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I116963 1FamilyTree 
195 VanderSteen, Donald J.  2 Dec 2012Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I154600 1FamilyTree 
196 VanderSteen, Frank J.  19 Mar 1988Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I48294 1FamilyTree 
197 VandeVoort, Robert H.  12 May 2000Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I144470 1FamilyTree 
198 Vandewettering, George  10 Nov 1986Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I56885 1FamilyTree 
199 Vandewettering, Rosella Margaret  8 Aug 2010Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I28525 1FamilyTree 
200 Vandewettering, Vitus  12 Oct 2005Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I56893 1FamilyTree 

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Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benzschawel, Richard  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I133179 1FamilyTree 
2 Borchardt, Jamie J.  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I314548 1FamilyTree 
3 Brittnacher, Loretta  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I140797 1FamilyTree 
4 Dachie, Margaret  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I133591 1FamilyTree 
5 DeCleene, Howard Lawrence  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I14749 1FamilyTree 
6 DeCleene, Jonathan Michael  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I14783 1FamilyTree 
7 DeCleene, Nathan Patrick  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I14781 1FamilyTree 
8 Haen, Matthias or Matthew  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I40323 1FamilyTree 
9 Kersten, Norbert Peter  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I55608 1FamilyTree 
10 Kersten, Paul P.  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I93903 1FamilyTree 
11 Nies, Marie Rose "Mary"  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I71167 1FamilyTree 
12 Tilkens, Ida E.  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I88977 1FamilyTree 
13 Verhoven, Donald  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I140660 1FamilyTree 
14 Verhoven, Mary Ann  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I139476 1FamilyTree 
15 Vondracek, Alfred J.  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I191659 1FamilyTree 

1940 Census

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1940 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 VanDensen, Michael  1940Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I30068 1FamilyTree 

Death Record - Civil

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death Record - Civil    Person ID   Tree 
1 Summers, Michael  21 Jun 1891Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I17091 1FamilyTree 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fenton, Vivette  1905Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I176477 1FamilyTree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Fritsch, Elizabeth "Betty"  Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA I160427 1FamilyTree 
2 Jochman, Doris Mae   I6946 1FamilyTree 


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Alexander / Lamers   F33293 1FamilyTree 
2 Beining / Melotte   F11521 1FamilyTree 
3 Biese / Gilson   F4078 1FamilyTree 
4 Boylan / Benzschawel  20 Oct 1949Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F33298 1FamilyTree 
5 Burke / Cornelissen   F66764 1FamilyTree 
6 DeValk / Gosz  24 Nov 1954Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F33539 1FamilyTree 
7 Edinger / Eiting   F5155 1FamilyTree 
8 Ehlert / Coenen   F10191 1FamilyTree 
9 Ellis / Fenton  14 May 1882Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F61136 1FamilyTree 
10 Feldkamp / VandeHey   F57245 1FamilyTree 
11 Foytik / Kabat  27 Jan 1942Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F214696 1FamilyTree 
12 Gilson / Clark  4 May 1884Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F52979 1FamilyTree 
13 Gilson / Fenton  30 Nov 1909Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F52978 1FamilyTree 
14 Gussert / Cornelissen  4 Jun 1957Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F14460 1FamilyTree 
15 Hayford / Bakken  Abt Nov 1899Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F208228 1FamilyTree 
16 Hibbard / Haen   F203060 1FamilyTree 
17 Jones / Zemple   F200435 1FamilyTree 
18 Kabat / Benzschawel  24 Jun 1946Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F64922 1FamilyTree 
19 Kersten / Diny  22 Apr 1941Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F18086 1FamilyTree 
20 Klika / Unknown  10 Jul 1946Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F55604 1FamilyTree 
21 Krautkramer / Kabat  2 Jul 1935Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F5031 1FamilyTree 
22 Lefeber / Wall   F28491 1FamilyTree 
23 Liebergen / Gonnering   F68766 1FamilyTree 
24 Meulemans / Gussert  13 Oct 1931Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F28030 1FamilyTree 
25 Nackers / Schmitt   F3950 1FamilyTree 
26 Pitsch / Brittnacher  15 Jun 1885Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F17403 1FamilyTree 
27 Pritzl / Soumis  Abt 1937Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F45584 1FamilyTree 
28 Prust / Fenton  26 Jun 1906Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F61142 1FamilyTree 
29 Rich / Pleshek   F27785 1FamilyTree 
30 Rottier / Liebergen   F65730 1FamilyTree 
31 Runnoe / Hein  14 Sep 1904Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F20452 1FamilyTree 
32 Schmidt / Reininger  31 Oct 1942Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F35295 1FamilyTree 
33 Schmitt / Liesch   F42181 1FamilyTree 
34 Strenn / Kersten   F29006 1FamilyTree 
35 Tetzlaff / Wierschke  16 Oct 1934Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F214162 1FamilyTree 
36 Tipler / Busetto   F70639 1FamilyTree 
37 VandeHey / Denor   F3194 1FamilyTree 
38 VandeVoort / Duffy  11 Sep 1912Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F14202 1FamilyTree 
39 VanHandel / Liebergen   F48216 1FamilyTree 
40 VanZeeland / DeCleene   F33157 1FamilyTree 
41 Vondracek / Brittnacher  22 Oct 1919Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F47107 1FamilyTree 
42 Ward / Ellis  3 Sep 1883Greenleaf, Brown, Wisconsin, USA F37357 1FamilyTree 
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