Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA


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City/Town : Latitude: 43.83056, Longitude: -90.62139


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brunner, Evely L.  27 Dec 1913Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I20837 1FamilyTree 
2 Finch, Beatrice  6 Feb 1919Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I313884 1FamilyTree 
3 Flock, Albert  Abt 1877Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86645 1FamilyTree 
4 Flock, Aloysius  25 May 1902Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I16117 1FamilyTree 
5 Flock, Anita Annette Jean  17 Feb 1925Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86667 1FamilyTree 
6 Flock, Anthony Bernard  2 Dec 1889Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I176449 1FamilyTree 
7 Flock, Appolonia  19 Jan 1870Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86642 1FamilyTree 
8 Flock, Appolonia  7 Nov 1877Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86634 1FamilyTree 
9 Flock, Clarence  16 Jan 1903Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86606 1FamilyTree 
10 Flock, Dorothea   I86610 1FamilyTree 
11 Flock, Edith  24 Jul 1910Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86649 1FamilyTree 
12 Flock, Eileen   I86613 1FamilyTree 
13 Flock, Eleanor  Abt 1910Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86659 1FamilyTree 
14 Flock, Elizabeth  Abt 1879Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86635 1FamilyTree 
15 Flock, Elizabeth Agnes  10 Nov 1905Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86657 1FamilyTree 
16 Flock, Frederick William  17 Sep 1903Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86656 1FamilyTree 
17 Flock, Helen  Abt 1875Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86644 1FamilyTree 
18 Flock, Hildegarde  16 May 1909Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86648 1FamilyTree 
19 Flock, Joseph  1 Jan 1867Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86640 1FamilyTree 
20 Flock, Joseph  Abt 1908Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86658 1FamilyTree 
21 Flock, Lawrence John  7 Oct 1907Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86647 1FamilyTree 
22 Flock, Leonard Mathias  16 Dec 1916Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86646 1FamilyTree 
23 Flock, Lorraine   I86611 1FamilyTree 
24 Flock, Marion  25 Nov 1926Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86666 1FamilyTree 
25 Flock, Mary  8 Jan 1873Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86643 1FamilyTree 
26 Flock, Matthew  23 Jul 1896Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I62400 1FamilyTree 
27 Flock, Peter  Abt 1874Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86630 1FamilyTree 
28 Flock, Sophia  18 Sep 1892Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86669 1FamilyTree 
29 Grill, Alvin  21 Mar 1907Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52331 1FamilyTree 
30 Heilman, Donald John   I21560 1FamilyTree 
31 Heilman, Harlan  17 Mar 1928Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I21559 1FamilyTree 
32 Heilman, Robert   I20489 1FamilyTree 
33 Heilman, Theresa Rose   I21561 1FamilyTree 
34 Huber, Donna Rae   I41164 1FamilyTree 
35 Huber, Gervis Robert   I20635 1FamilyTree 
36 Kast, Sylvester Anthony  14 Jan 1916Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I20000 1FamilyTree 
37 Koch, Mercedes Ann  26 Jul 1903Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I21556 1FamilyTree 
38 Leis, Jerome Peter   I20440 1FamilyTree 
39 Leis, Juliana Clara   I20439 1FamilyTree 
40 Schaffer, Eudora M.  26 Jan 1927Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I20672 1FamilyTree 
41 Schmitz, Ardella Gertrude   I20552 1FamilyTree 
42 Udulutsch, Elizabeth Christine "Betty"  30 May 1924Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I172635 1FamilyTree 
43 Udulutsch, Father Irvin Wilfrid Matthew O. F. M. Cap.  19 Feb 1920Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I162055 1FamilyTree 
44 Udulutsch, James Richard  2 Jun 1922Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I167596 1FamilyTree 
45 Udulutsch, Joseph  Aft 1930Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I172634 1FamilyTree 
46 Udulutsch, Mary   I172638 1FamilyTree 
47 Udulutsch, Patsy  Aft 1930Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I172636 1FamilyTree 
48 Udulutsch, Richard  25 Jun 1931Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I166042 1FamilyTree 
49 Udulutsch, Father Robert O. F. M. Cap.   I172639 1FamilyTree 
50 Udulutsch, Stanley  Aft 1930Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I166043 1FamilyTree 
51 Udulutsch, Thomas   I172637 1FamilyTree 


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baus, John  Bef 1930Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I202836 1FamilyTree 
2 Brueggeman, Louis H.  31 Dec 1975Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I89222 1FamilyTree 
3 Brunner, Glen  12 Jan 2006Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I127195 1FamilyTree 
4 Butzler, Herbert Peter  10 Dec 1981Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52376 1FamilyTree 
5 Chapiewsky, Hulda  2 Sep 2002Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86721 1FamilyTree 
6 Doll, Victor Cornelius  7 Jul 2004Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I20460 1FamilyTree 
7 Ewelt, Anton  24 Sep 1981Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52325 1FamilyTree 
8 Feldbruegge, Lawerance  3 Jun 1986Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I20620 1FamilyTree 
9 Flock, Edith  11 Jun 2000Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86649 1FamilyTree 
10 Flock, Joseph  12 Sep 1871Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86640 1FamilyTree 
11 Flock, Sophia  15 Feb 1981Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86669 1FamilyTree 
12 Flock, William  Abt 1937Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86632 1FamilyTree 
13 Grill, Alvin  22 Jan 1992Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52331 1FamilyTree 
14 Heilman, Harlan  30 Jul 1961Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I21559 1FamilyTree 
15 Heilman, Lawrence  29 Mar 1989Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I21555 1FamilyTree 
16 Hericks, Emma  27 Jul 1988Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I82996 1FamilyTree 
17 Koch, Mercedes Ann  7 Dec 1973Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I21556 1FamilyTree 
18 Kotten, Henry  19 Nov 1994Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52375 1FamilyTree 
19 Kotten, Hugo  30 Jul 1991Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52380 1FamilyTree 
20 Leis, Arnold Peter  10 Jun 1997Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I20053 1FamilyTree 
21 Leis, Bernard Gotthard  22 May 1958Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I16106 1FamilyTree 
22 Meseberg, William  23 Apr 1963Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52332 1FamilyTree 
23 Rondorf, Margaret Ann  19 Aug 1981Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I16107 1FamilyTree 
24 Schreier, Anna Sibilia  21 Nov 1949Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I310774 1FamilyTree 
25 Schroeder, Sylvester M.  29 Jun 1978Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52373 1FamilyTree 
26 Schweiger, Julia Anna  1 May 1986Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I20314 1FamilyTree 
27 Stokes, Anton  11 Nov 1924Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I310771 1FamilyTree 
28 Udulutsch, James Richard  6 Jan 1942Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I167596 1FamilyTree 
29 Udulutsch, Michael  31 Oct 1975Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86670 1FamilyTree 
30 Wacker, Anna  10 Aug 2004Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52368 1FamilyTree 
31 Wacker, Mary  23 Feb 1995Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52370 1FamilyTree 
32 Wacker, Rosina  15 Mar 1996Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52369 1FamilyTree 
33 Wacker, Veronica  15 Apr 2005Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I52372 1FamilyTree 

1930 Census

Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1930 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Flock, Elizabeth Agnes  1930Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86657 1FamilyTree 
2 Flock, Herman M.  1930Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86641 1FamilyTree 
3 Rademacher, Peter  1930Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86608 1FamilyTree 
4 Udulutsch, Michael  1930Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA I86670 1FamilyTree 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Brieske / Doll   F3098 1FamilyTree 
2 Doll / Garthwaite   F2826 1FamilyTree 
3 Heilman / Koch  10 Apr 1923Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA F7366 1FamilyTree 
4 Heilman / Leis   F3110 1FamilyTree 
5 Karis / Leis   F3112 1FamilyTree 
6 Kast / Hoffland   F24684 1FamilyTree 
7 Leis / Atteln   F3091 1FamilyTree 
8 Leis / Brunner  13 Aug 1940Norwalk, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA F2950 1FamilyTree 
9 Leis / Karis   F3111 1FamilyTree 
10 Tainter / Doll   F3101 1FamilyTree 
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