Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA


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City/Town : Latitude: 45.31528, Longitude: -94.40833


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ackerman, Laura Mae Rose  29 Apr 1931Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I55379 1FamilyTree 
2 Faber, Doreen Luella   I54076 1FamilyTree 
3 Greisen, Ann Margaret  28 Jun 1898Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I62574 1FamilyTree 
4 Greisen, Johanna  26 Oct 1900Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I62577 1FamilyTree 
5 Greisen, Margaret G.  14 Nov 1901Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I62576 1FamilyTree 
6 Greisen, Mary Margaret  29 Jul 1893Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I62819 1FamilyTree 
7 Greisen, Peter  8 Oct 1905Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I62578 1FamilyTree 
8 Greisen, Susan Anne  10 Nov 1894Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I62575 1FamilyTree 
9 Hommerding, John  17 Dec 1895Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I54688 1FamilyTree 
10 Hommerding, Richard Peter  31 Mar 1932Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I55445 1FamilyTree 
11 Kaufman, Margaret Ann   I54078 1FamilyTree 
12 Kaufman, Michael Lewis   I54080 1FamilyTree 
13 Kaufman, Patricia   I54079 1FamilyTree 
14 Kerzman, Ann Marie   I54007 1FamilyTree 
15 Kremer, Alvin J.   I54574 1FamilyTree 
16 Kremer, Eldred   I54581 1FamilyTree 
17 Kremer, George   I54579 1FamilyTree 
18 Kremer, Joseph Victor   I54576 1FamilyTree 
19 Kremer, Margaret Caroline   I54580 1FamilyTree 
20 Kremer, Mary   I54577 1FamilyTree 
21 Kuechle, Arthur Aloys   I54583 1FamilyTree 
22 Kuechle, Brenda   I55181 1FamilyTree 
23 Kuechle, Bruce   I55174 1FamilyTree 
24 Kuechle, Denise   I55173 1FamilyTree 
25 Kuechle, Perry   I55177 1FamilyTree 
26 Kuechle, Randy   I55178 1FamilyTree 
27 Kuechle, Rebecca   I55179 1FamilyTree 
28 Kuechle, Rhonda   I55180 1FamilyTree 
29 Kuechle, Steven   I55175 1FamilyTree 
30 Kuechle, Timothy   I55176 1FamilyTree 
31 Steman, Edward  14 Jan 1914Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I54142 1FamilyTree 
32 Unterberger, Anita Louise   I54071 1FamilyTree 
33 Unterberger, Charles Vincent   I54072 1FamilyTree 
34 Unterberger, Colleen   I54069 1FamilyTree 
35 Unterberger, James Eugene   I54073 1FamilyTree 
36 Unterberger, Mary Katherine   I54168 1FamilyTree 
37 Unterberger, Phyllis Bertha   I54068 1FamilyTree 
38 Unterberger, Roger Joseph   I54070 1FamilyTree 
39 Unterberger, Susan Colleen   I54174 1FamilyTree 
40 Unterberger, Thomas Lee   I54074 1FamilyTree 
41 Weirens, Joseph Andrew   I54217 1FamilyTree 
42 Wieneke, Barbara M.   I54001 1FamilyTree 
43 Wieneke, Darlene M.   I54006 1FamilyTree 
44 Wieneke, David Joseph   I53998 1FamilyTree 
45 Wieneke, Debbie M.   I54005 1FamilyTree 
46 Wieneke, Delores A.   I54003 1FamilyTree 
47 Wieneke, JoAnn S.   I54004 1FamilyTree 
48 Wieneke, John Paul   I54000 1FamilyTree 
49 Wieneke, Richard L.   I53999 1FamilyTree 
50 Wieneke, Shirley K.   I54002 1FamilyTree 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Greisen, Peter  8 Oct 1905Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I62578 1FamilyTree 
2 Kaufman, Mary Jo  7 Mar 2002Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I55428 1FamilyTree 
3 Kremer, Anna  8 Mar 1958Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I54483 1FamilyTree 
4 Kunkel, Bertha A.  20 Jan 2002Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I54030 1FamilyTree 
5 Kunkel, Vincent J.  23 Oct 1998Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I54032 1FamilyTree 
6 Unterberger, Carl C.  31 Jul 1994Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I54067 1FamilyTree 
7 Weinand, Hildegarde E.  20 May 1999Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I54573 1FamilyTree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Kunkel, Mathilda Mae  15 Apr 2002Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I54035 1FamilyTree 
2 Unterberger, Carl C.  3 Aug 1994Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I54067 1FamilyTree 

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Billig, Lawrence B.  26 Oct 1898Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA I47861 1FamilyTree 


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 DeGarceau / Greisen  Abt Nov 1928Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA F20381 1FamilyTree 
2 Gelbach / Greisen  11 May 1920Watkins, Meeker, Minnesota, USA F20380 1FamilyTree 
3 Kaufman / Kunkel   F17643 1FamilyTree 
4 Kremer / Nohner   F17819 1FamilyTree 
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