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   Source ID   Title, Author 
1 S1388 100 Years of God's Grace, Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran Church History 1870-1970
Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran Church History 1870-1970, 100 Years of God's Grace 
2 S1053 100 Years of God's Grace: Bethlehem Ev. Lutheran Church History 1870-1970
3 S1119 1850 United States Federal Census 
4 S389 1860 Mortality Schedule, Winneshiek Co., Iowa
5 S1133 1860 United States Federal Census 
6 S1091 1870 United States Federal Census 
7 S1134 1875 Wisconsin State Census
8 S1082 1880 United States Federal Census and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 
9 S1153 1885 Minnesota Territorial and State Censuses, 1849-1905
10 S1130 1890 St Paul City Directory
11 S568 1890 United States Census - Veterams Schedule for US 1890
12 S1198 1895 Biographical Record - Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago Co (WI)
13 S1102 1895 Minnesota Territorial and State Censuses 
14 S1100 1895 St Paul City Directory
15 S499 1895 Wisconsin State Census
Wisconsin. Department of State; State Historical Society of Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin) 
16 S1131 1900 St Paul City Directory
17 S1073 1900 United States Federal Census 
18 S1132 1904 St Paul City Directory
19 S490 1905 Wisconsin State Census
Wisconsin. Department of State; State Historical Society of Wisconsin (Madison, Wisconsin) 
20 S1079 1910 United States Federal Census 
21 S733 1920 United States Federal Census 
22 S1164 1921 Tacoma City Directory
23 S738 1930 United States Federal Census 
24 S1116 1940 United States Federal Census 
25 S841 1FamilyTree Obituary Index
26 S1023 1FamilyTree Registered User Submitted Addition or Correction
1FamilyTree Registered User 
27 S642
Jay Wilpolt and 
28 S898 A Little Ways Ahead: The Centennial History of Thilmany Pulp & Paper Company, Kaukauna, Wisconsin
William W. Bremer 
29 S662 A Strange Twist of Faith, Autobiography, Jean Vandenberg VanDera
Jean Vandenberg VanDera 
30 S1054 Acadia, Canada, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1670-1946
Acadia, Canada, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1670-1946 
31 S761 Added or Corrected by a registered user on
32 S116 Allard Family Bible
33 S1176 Allouez Catholic Cemetery Office (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
34 S736 Ancestry Family Trees
35 S486 Annie M Fink - Voucher for Pension from death of Henry Fink in Civil War
36 S859 Appleton Community Directory, 1951
Johnson Publishing Co., Manitowoc, Wisconsin 
37 S1310 Appleton High School Class of 1919 Clarion Yearbook
38 S1277 Appleton High School Class of 1920 Clarion Yearbook
39 S1308 Appleton High School Class of 1921 Clarion Yearbook
40 S1307 Appleton High School Class of 1922 Clarion Yearbook
41 S1306 Appleton High School Class of 1925 Clarion Yearbook
42 S1305 Appleton High School Class of 1927 Clarion Yearbook
43 S1304 Appleton High School Class of 1928 Clarion Yearbook
44 S1303 Appleton High School Class of 1929 Clarion Yearbook
45 S1302 Appleton High School Class of 1930 Clarion Yearbook
46 S1301 Appleton High School Class of 1933 Clarion Yearbook
47 S1300 Appleton High School Class of 1934 Clarion Yearbook
48 S1299 Appleton High School Class of 1935 Clarion Yearbook
49 S1313 Appleton High School Class of 1936 Clarion Yearbook
50 S1298 Appleton High School Class of 1937 Clarion Yearbook
51 S1050 Appleton High School Class of 1939 Clarion Yearbook
Appleton High School 
52 S1321 Appleton High School Class of 1952 Clarion Yearbook
53 S1017 Appleton Post Crescent Anniversary Announcement
54 S1018 Appleton Post Crescent Engagement Announcement
55 S294 Appleton Post Crescent Marriage Announcement
Appleton Crescent,Mackville,Outagamie Co.,WI 
56 S621 Appleton Post-Crescent, Appleton, Wisconsin
57 S1311 Appleton West High School Class of 1945 Yearbook
58 S676 Arnoldussen Family History
Grayce DeBrun and Mary Ellen Hietpas 
59 S520 Article in Darlington paper end of 2000.
60 S904 At Seventy A History of Forest Junction, Wisconsin 1873-1943
Robert Haese 
61 S1126 Bakeman, Mary Harker, Calvary Cemetery, St Paul, Minnesota
62 S693 BAPTISM Diestler, Franklin
63 S696 BAPTISM Diestler, Leonard
64 S1150 Baptismal Certificate - William A Cline
65 S365 Baptismal Register; St. Edward's Catholic Church; Carlsbad, Eddy co., New Mexico; (tdu 25-02-98 zaf).
66 S725 Bay Area Genealogical Society
67 S918 Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church, 125th Anniversary, Hortonville, Wisconsin
68 S878 Biographies of prominent people of Appleton and the Fox River valley
Nelson, Charles C. 
69 S386 Birth Announcement
70 S587 Birth Record
71 S1184 Birth Registration
72 S1142 Birth Registration - Catharine Anna Cline
73 S1144 Birth Registration - Florence Cline
74 S1141 Birth Registration - James Marcilinius Cline 1864
75 S1094 Birth Registration - Martin Cline 1860
76 S1154 Birth Registration - Thomas Cline
77 S1145 Birth Registration - Virginia Anna Cline
78 S798 Birthdate is supported by the information given on the Baptismal Certificate. Copy in file.
79 S361 Birthdate on original immigration papers.
80 S1324 Blaney Funeral Home, Green Bay, Wisconsin
81 S974 Books on Film, FHL Film #1862058, Families of Eggink and Welch
Joan D. Marx Waldvogel 
82 S953 Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum online at Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum
Brabants Historisch Informatie Centrum 
83 S476 Brainerd Dispatch
84 S1268 Brandenburg, Prussia Emigration Records [database on-line].
Wolfert, Marion, comp. Brandenburg, Prussia Emigration Records [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006. 
85 S90 Brenneis Genealogy; compiled by Margaret Ann Beaman, Windthorst, TX; (tdu 25-02-98 zam)
86 S1323 Brettschneider-Trettin-Nickel Funeral Chapel
87 S374 Brochtrup Family Tree", Bern.Brochtrup/AnneMickeDscndnts, by their ggchildren (from BettyBrooksRademacher). ABBR 300. "Brochtrup Family Tree", Bern.Brochtrup/AnneMickeDscndnts, by their ggchildren (from BettyBrooksRademacher).
88 S930 Broderbund Family Archive Social Security Death Index
89 S80 Brown County Court House 1 (800) 924-0002
90 S1064 Brown County registration of births, ca. 1854-1907
Brown County (Wisconsin). Register of Deeds 
91 S449 Bukowina Families - 200 YEARS; by Edward "Al" Lang; 1993 Catholic Bohemian Families emigrating to Bukowina 1799 - 1842, later to USA
Edward "Al" Lang 
92 S786 California Death Index
93 S1159 California Death Index, 1940-1997 
94 S1033 California, County Birth and Death Records, 1800-1994," index and images, FamilySearch (
95 S1182 California, Great Registers, 1866-1910
96 S79 Calumet county Court House Court House (920) 849-2361 Clerk of Court (920) 849-1414
97 S1127 Calvary Cemetery - St Paul, Ramsey MN
98 S1218 Carson City, Nevada, Marriage Index, 1855-1985
Carson City, Nevada, Marriage Index, 1855-1985 
99 S1149 Cathedral of St Paul, St Paul MN - Baptismal records
100 S1075 Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist (Milwaukee, Wisconsin). Marriage Registers. Archdiocese of Milwaukee Archives, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
101 S881 Catholic Church in Wisconsin ... : A history of the Catholic Church in Wisconsin from the earliest time to the present day.
Harry Hooper Heming 
102 S1125 Cemetery Records - Calvary Cemetery St Paul MN
103 S1098 Cemetery Records - Mount Carmel Cemetery Hillside IL
104 S240 Cemetery transcription from Wis State Genealogical Newsletter Vol. 36 No3 1/90 ABBR Cemetery transcription from Wis State Genealogical Newsletter Vol. 36 No3 1/90 Cemetery transcription from Wis State Genealogical Newsletter Vol. 36 No3 1/90
105 S1058 Centennial Jubilee St. Francis Parish, Hollandtown, Wisconsin 1848-1948
St. Francis Parish 
106 S602 Certificate of Baptism
Church of Assumption Sponsered by Michael and Lillian Gregorius 
107 S1390 Chicago and North Western Railroad Employment Records, 1935-1970
108 S1103 Chicago City Directory
109 S1208 Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, New London, Wis. Church Records
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, New London, Wis. Church Records 
110 S1146 Church of St Patricks, St Paul MN, Baptismal Register 1884-1948
111 S1081 Church of St Patricks, St Paul MN, Marriage Register 1885-1900
112 S236 Church Records
113 S1273 Church Records Best
114 S1205 Church Records, Buldren, FHC Film # 1046923
Katholische Kirche Buldern (Kr. Koesfeld) 
115 S717 Church Records, Fuerstenthal, FHC Film # , LDS Library Film #1768386 -2, Fuerstenthal Trauungen (Marriages) 1843 - 1889 FHC Film # 1768386
FHC Film # 1768386 
116 S448 Church Records, Fuerstenthal, FHC Film # 0038942 LDS Library Film #0038942, Fuerstenthal Birth Register 1809-1842
117 S1070 Church Records, Holtwick, FHC Film # 872026 Holtwick Catholic Church Records - Birth, Marriage, Death 1692 - 1770
118 S1071 Church Records, Holtwick, FHC Film # 873108 Holtwick Catholic Church Records - Birth, Marriage, Death 1770 - 1821, Births 1822-1869, Marriages 1822-1860
119 S264 Church Records, Irsch, FHC Film # , Kirchenbuch, 1808-1912
Katholische Kirche Irsch 
120 S972 Church Records, Niederdonven, FHC Film # 0425080, Roman Catholic parish registers; baptisms, marriages, burials, deaths. Luxembourg, Grevenmacher & Flaxweiler 1683-1821 LDS Film # 0425080
Eglise catholique. Paroisse de Niederdonven (Grevenmacher) (Main Author 
121 S1393 Church Records, Ogonnelloe, FHC Film # Ogonnelloe Catholic Church Records - Baptisms 1832-1869, Marriages 1857-1869
Diocese of Killaloe 
122 S1204 Church Records, Osburg, FHC Film # 0466721 Osburg Catholic Church Records
Katholische Kirche Osburg (Kr. Trier) (Main Author) 
123 S1061 Church Records, Osburg, FHC Film # 0549643 Osburg Catholic Church Records
Katholische Kirche Osburg (Kr. Trier) (Main Author) 
124 S1378 Church Records, Osterwick, FHC Film # 864337 Osterwick Catholic Church Records - Birth, Marriage, Death Geburten und Taufen, 1558-1898
125 S1380 Church Records, Outagamie County, FHC Film # 1305137, 1305138, 1305139 and 1305140
126 S1062 Church Records, Ruwer, FHC Film # 0530319, 1757-1795
Katholische Kirche Ruwer (Kr. Trier) (Main Author) 
127 S1022 Church Records, Zeeland, FHC Film #0113010,
128 S690 Cincinnati - The Queen City Vol. IV
129 S1106 Circuit Court, Brown County, Wisconsin
130 S891 Civil Records - Familienbach der Pfarrei Ruwer 1680-1854 FHC Film # 1336867
131 S762 Civil Records - Luxembourg Civil Registration, 1793-1923 Gostingen Naissances, mariages, décès 1798-1803 -- Mariages 1824-1825, 1796-1890 -- Décès 1796-1834
132 S326 Civil Records - Microfiche No: 1050911 Ch. of Latter DaySaintsZivilstandsregister, 1798-1851
133 S1005 Civil Records, Luxembourg 1796-1923 LDS Film # 1739816 Luxembourg, Flaxweiler, Beyren, Gostingen, Niederdonven, Oberdonven
Civil Records, Luxembourg 1796-1923 LDS Film # 1739816 
134 S1040 Civil Records, Luxembourg 1796-1923 LDS Film # 1739817 Luxembourg, Flaxweiler, Beyren, Gostingen, Niederdonven, Oberdonven
Civil Records, Luxembourg 1796-1923 LDS Film # 1739817 
135 S1027 Civil Records, Luxembourg 1796-1923 LDS Film # 1739818 Luxembourg, Flaxweiler, Beyren, Gostingen, Niederdonven, Oberdonven
Civil Records, Luxembourg 1796-1923 LDS Film # 1739818 
136 S1065 Civil Records, Michigan, Marriage Records, 1867–1952
137 S1381 Civil Records, Outagamie County Marriages, FHC Film # 1292400, 1292401, 1292402, 1292403, 1292404, 1292405, 1266882.
138 S1192 Civil War Pension Index General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934
National Archives and Records Administration 
139 S461 Cold Spring Record
140 S752 Collections - State Historical Society of Wisconsin - Reuben Gold Thwaites
State Historical Society of Wisconsin - Reuben Gold Thwaites 
141 S955 Commemorative Biographical Record of the Counties of Brown, Kewaunee and Door, Wisconsin - Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens and of Many of the Early Settled Families - Illustrated
J. H. Beers & Co. 
142 S1011 Commemorative Biographical Record of the Fox River Valley Counties of Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families.
J.H. Beers & Co. 
143 S1055 Commemorative Biographical Record of the Upper Wisconsin counties of Waupaca, Portage, Wood, Marathon, Lincoln, Oneida, Vilas, Langlade and Shawno
Commemorative Biographical Record of the Upper Wisconsin counties of Waupaca, Portage, Wood, Marathon, Lincoln, Oneida, Vilas, Langlade and Shawno 
144 S1179 Commemorative Biographical Record of the West Shore of Green Bay, Wisconsin
145 S868 Compendium of History and Biography of North Dakota (Publ. 1900) Transcribed by Kim Mohler
Kim Mohler 
146 S1114 Cook County, Illinois Death Index, 1908-1988 
147 S615 Daun Family Genealogy
Etta Pethan Gruber, Marie Wilberscheid Dorn, Shari Gray-Dorn 
148 S201 Death card ABBR Death card Death card on Internet
149 S1110 Death Certificate for Ellen Cline 1955
150 S1165 Death Certificate for Ida Cline
151 S1170 Death Certificate for James K Delaney
152 S1123 Death Certificate for Martin Cline
153 S1199 Death Certificate for Mary Delaney
154 S1185 Death Certificate for Paul R Cline
155 S1155 Death Certificate for Thomas J Cline
156 S1120 Death Certificate for William M Cline
157 S1096 Death Record - Martin F Cline
158 S585 Decatur Review
159 S535 Decorah (Iowa) Public Opinion
160 S274 Delayed Birth Certificate ABBR Delayed Birth Certificate
161 S1115 Delayed Record of Birth - Marie Cline
162 S392 Delsman Family Tree
Otto Delsman Source of info is Agnes May Delsman-Sander 
163 S419 Descendants of Heinrich Huinker and Kathrina (Ellert) Huinker
DeEtta Ida Huinker 
164 S366 Descendants of Martin Wilde; compiled by Raymond John Meurer; Roanoke, Texas; 1998; (tdu 06-08-99 org).
165 S536 Descendants of Wessel Kunnen
Laverne Catanzarite 
166 S368 Diary of Hermann Heitkemper
Hermann Heitkemper 
167 S692 Diestler Family Tree
168 S1084 Diocese of Green Bay (WI) Archives holdings
169 S1275 Dutch Emigrants to the Unites States, South Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia, 1835-1880
170 S1037 Dutch Immigrant Memoirs and Related Writings Paperback – December 1, 1997 by Henry Stephen Lucas (Editor)
by Henry Stephen Lucas (Editor) 
171 S1384 Dutch Immigrants to America, 1820-1880
Swierenga, Robert P. 
172 S1274 Dutch Immigration in U.S. Ship Manifests, 1820-1880: An Alphabetical Listing by Household Heads and Independent Persons. Volume 2
173 S1007 E-mail
174 S1036 Early History of Kaukauna by Mel Raught
Mel Raught 
175 S1207 Early History of the Michael Durick Family
Dick Thompson 
176 S468 Eden Valley Journal
177 S971 Edmund West, comp.. Family Data Collection
Edmund West, comp.. Family Data Collection 
178 S245 Einck Families
Donald and Margaret Einck, R 1, Box 351, 104 Marquis, Denver, Iowa 50622 
179 S563 Engagement announcement ABBR Engagement announcement
180 S624 Enumeration of Soldiers and Sailors of the Late War, Wisconsin 1885 (History)
Secretary of State - Ernst G. Timme 
181 S1059 Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Records
Evangelical Lutheran Church of America 
182 S1021 Familienbach der Pfarrei Ruwer 1680-1854 ", Film # 1336867
Church Records, Ruwer, FHC Film # 1336867, 1680-1854 
183 S707 Family Data Collection
Edmund West 
184 S565 Family Data Collection - Deaths
185 S566 Family Data Collection - Individual Records
186 S1220 Family History Info from Robert Martin
Family History Info from Robert Martin 
187 S427 Family Search Ancestral File - Church of Latter Day Saints
188 S1213 
189 S1284 Find A Grave Web Site
190 S628 First Dutch Catholics In Brown County
Willem Keeris 
191 S610 Florida Death Index, 1877-1998 
192 S1172 Florida Passenger Lists, 1898-1951 
193 S281 FLORIDA: Historic. Dramatic. Contemporary -- Family and Personal History Vol IV
194 S1135 Fort Howard City Directory
195 S285 Fort Pierce News Tribune
196 S1382 Freedom Area Historical Society
Freedom Area Historical Society 
197 S1354 Freedom High School Class of 1935
198 S1355 Freedom High School Class of 1936
199 S1348 Freedom High School Class of 1940
200 S1347 Freedom High School Class of 1941 Yearbook

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