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This is an automated calendar that imports dates from several sources including; Genea Webinars, Legacy Family Tree Webinars, Bay Area Genealogy Society (Brown County) and 1FamilyTree's file that includes several area historical societies meeting schedules.
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We are looking for any significant dates on local Fox Cities history to add to this listing. Like Dec 19, 1959 the College Ave. Bridge over the Fox River opened.
To add the 1FamilyTree Calendar to your own Google calendar, just email us to have you added to that list.

1FAMILYTREE is a Historical Genealogical Archive Database for the families and their descendants who settled in and around the Fox Valley area of East Central Wisconsin.
Our database, last updated 3 Sep 2018, contains details of 252,479 individual people, including 26,112 unique surnames making up 88,266 families!

Welcome to 1FAMILYTREE. We now have a new look with an updated layout design for our website including even more old data and records from the past.

Our archives comprise one of the largest digital collections of records online pertaining to the Fox Valley, including; Biographies, Census, Cemeteries, Churches, City/Town data, Documents, Histories, Links, Maps, Military Service, Photographs, Recordings, and any other interesting documents of historical genealogical interest we may happen to discover.


Some links or pages may be temporarily inaccessible. Registrations for new users may be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

NEW Index to High School Yearbook reports

We have been adding a lot of local area High School Yearbooks. Here is a current High School Yearbook Index listing

There are some NEW upgrades and changes as of May 12, 2014 to the 1FamilyTree web site.
If you experience any problems, please let us know. The first time you visit the newer pages, might be slow to load, but return visits the pages will load faster.
Some of the NEW features are; Screenshot examples of some New Features
Share Links - Links for sharing Facebook, Tweets, Pinterest and Google+ are displayed on the page. You can hide them by clicking the Show-Hide Link.
Research Links On Individuals pages there is now a Research Link that uses some selected data to search the external database you select.
Note - You must be an ancestry.com member to access any searches from their databases.
Note - Currently we cannot display both the chart of the family and research links at the same time. We hope to resolve this soon.
ID Numbers for both Individuals and Families are presented in a font that should be less confusing with capital I and the number 1.
Timeline events now include persons vital records and family members.
Mobile design improvements - Layout and design have been improved if you access the site on a smartphone or tablet.
Vertical Ancestor Chart is now available for all persons, select ancestors from a persons page, then select chart view.
Pagination - on lists or reports that are longer than a few pages, we have improved the page selection.
Registered Users can now edit their profiles and update new email or postal addresses.

Individual Pages now include ages, and several collapsible capabilities. So look for an open-close arrow or the + - button.
Advance Search functions now include Soundex - So if your searching for a name that might have several spelling variations, using the Soundex search in the Surname field will give you broader results. Then you can also sort the results by date of birth
The Obituary Search within the "Search Indexes" external database has proven to be so popular, we set the default to that selection, to further speed up your search.
On Screen pop up data entry is now in place to get you to your results faster. Note - Pop up settings in your browser should be allowed for the 1familytree site.

Within this site, genealogy for the Fox Cities jumps into the future with inter-active dynamic web pages that allow users to add and edit information about the families of our ancestors.

Please note:To protect the privacy of living persons, some information including photographs, notes and some names and dates are only available to registered users. You must be related to an existing person in the database to become a registered user. You will be required to provide your date of birth. You can register for a free user account here.

You can browse these pages without being a registered user:

Help Wanted - 1FamilyTree is seeking Volunteer help with site development, including PHP programming and CSS coding.
Please contact us if you would be interested.

This Day in Wisconsin


Upload or email your precious family photos and documents and they will be safe from damage and always available to share and represent your family as part of our local history.


Any additions, leads, corrections, photos or documents welcomed. The genealogy database is sure to have a few errors, so if you see something you think is wrong, Please let us know, so we can make corrections. OR, use the "Suggest" tab on the persons individual page. We are always looking for more photos, documents and stories, to help bring our ancestors to life. Contact us.

Living Individuals

When you register and become attached to our 1familytree, you will be able to view information on all persons related to you.

Data Sources

Most of the family tree data is from:

  1. public records, such as are available in county vital records offices and from genealogy collections, such as those at area "Family History Centers". And even collected from newspaper mentions;
  2. recollections and records of an immediate family member;
  3. original sources such as census records, or
  4. published family trees of other individuals, focusing on those with detailed notes and identified sources.

This site includes source references for many (but not all) of the items, citing either another researcher or an original source.

Want to Help?

There are many things you can do to help with the 1familytree site. Upload your family photos or those from friends. Use the SSDI index to find birth and/or death dates. Review the biographies and submit names and dates to be included in the database. Or contact us with your ideas on content to add.

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